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So back in mid-March I decided to take on a new project after clearing the honey do list.  I picked up a Scotty Cameron Caliente Grande which I know isn't a favorite of Mr. Cameron but it has a really nice shape and was inexpensive to pick up and play with.  The club had a lot of bag chatter and to my surprise was engraved on the toe with the Allegra logo which is a little humorous given my significant allergies.  

Sand paper, a file, and a lot of elbow grease later and I actually really like the results.  I may yet use a triangle file on the center alignment groove to get rid of a few more dings but for now I'm enjoying the putter and how the sun reflects off of the sand lines.  Heel and toe are finished with 220 grit at 45* angles and 500 grit in the center.  With the paint fill I did a play on Scotty because my name is Scott so it's a Scott-y Cameron putter now.











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Driver: Krank Element

3-wood: Adams Speedline Fast 12

4 Iron: Maltby KE4 Tour+ 2" long, 1.5 up and 3 strong

4-5 Iron: Maltby KE4 Tour+ 1.5 long, 2 up

6-PW: Maltby TS-1 1.5 long, 2 up

50 & 56: Maltby TSW 1.5 long, 2 up

60: Mizuno T7

Putter: Ping STR

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