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Eliminate the DQ for an incorrect scorecard on the PGA Tour

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8 minutes ago, DaveP043 said:

I still continue to believe that one of the best things about golf is that the same set of rules apply to all golfers.  To change the scoring requirement would be a first step towards bifurcation.  Beyond that, where do you draw the line?  At which level of competition does the penalty change? 

The general principle regarding penalty strokes is that the penalty for an infraction should be greater than the advantage a player might gain from the infraction.  In this case, a player might win a tournament by posting a wrong score.  I think a DQ is the appropriate penalty, given the potential advantage.  Its simply not that difficult to get the score right.

Oh, its also important to remember that if you post an incorrect score because you unknowingly committed an infraction, you do NOT get the DQ, you simply get those penalty strokes added to the score you posted.  That was changed for the 2019 rules, decreasing the penalty from DQ.

I honestly was not aware of that last rule change, thank you for clarifying Dave.

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