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(6) Testers Announced: Kanibi CBD Products


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  1. 1. Which best describes your opinion on CBD usage in golf?

    • I use it often and think it's great
    • I've tried it but it's not for me
    • Never tried it before but am curious
    • Would never use it
    • Don't have enough information to form an opinion

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Richland, WA

sports cream or cool roll on

I like to have fun and keep it light hearted but I’m a bit too competitive for that.

I have been using my Apple Watch & The Grint.

Chris Yourdan

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It's a fact; a number of high profile golfers are using CBD to help them with their game and they swear by it. Billy Horschel, Bubba Watson, Scott McCarron are just a few of the guys who have embrac

Not applying as a tester, but I use CBD cream and it really helps with my tennis elbow pain.

Congrats to the testers! This will be one I'll be following along for sure.

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1. Marietta, Georgia

2. full spectrum tincture skittles flavor 

3. Anywhere from calm to nervy, with a habit of getting angry. 

4. I use an Apple Watch 


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I'm in Anaheim CA and would be interested in the FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL.  I'm pretty level headed bit can get heated usually by pushy Marshalls or impatient groups behind me.  I use Google fit has a fitness tracker

Driver: :mizuno-small: ST200 

3 Wood: :mizuno-small: JPX 850 

Hybrid: :mizuno-small: JPX 850

Irons: :mizuno-small: JPX 900 Tour 4-PW

Wedges: :vokey-small: SM7 50/54/58

Putter: :odyssey-small: White Hot Pro 2 Ball

Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B RXS


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  1. Los Angeles, CA
  2. Full spectrum CBD tincture and sports cream 
  3. Generally even keeled with occasional course related stress 
  4. No, I don’t use a fitness tracker 
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1. Santa barbara area of California

2. The full spectrum cbd oil tincture or sports cream

3. Usually focused, but accompanied by stress ha can get right around last 3/4 holes.

4. Sometimes wear a fitbit watch or galaxy watch. 

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-Los Osos, California

-Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

-Tired and stiff, so I try to stretch at least 10 minutes, but take me a third of holes to get going (that's why I'm still 7 handicapper).

-My iPhone in the pocket does it all (steps and distance only, but I am thinking about wearing the watch measures heart rate, too).

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1. South Carolina 

2. Gummies or Tincture

3. Depends on pain level. I was in a car accident in 2011 and have lingering damage to my right wrist. Overall calm.

4. No I don’t 

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Dallas Texas

I would likely use the variety pack but if I had to narrow it down to specific it would be hard to do with no experience.

On course I’m usually nervous on 1st tee especially when playing with people I don’t know. I find it hard to relax after a bad shot leading to more bad shots. Usually not calming down for a couple of holes. Im sure this is typical of any golfer. I often drink some alcohol if I’m on edge too much to try and calm the nerves.

As for fitness tracking device I use the Garmin S62.

Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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  1. Location: Colorado
  2. Go to https://kanibi.com/ and list your preferred product: FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL TINCTURE
  3. Describe your on-course demeanor: Usually calm but wheels can certianly come off if have a few bad holes. 
  4. Do you use any sort of fitness tracking device?: I wear a fitbit and use MyFitnessPal
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  1. Omaha, NE
  2. Full spectrum CBD oil tincture - peppermint flavor
  3. Usually pretty calm and collected. Occasional talking to self (just to externally lay bad/missed shots to bed) and very seldom blowup (once every 7 or 8 rounds)
  4. Yes, Samsung GearFit2

Mizuno MP58 4-PW (std. specs)

Titleist 910D3 (9* stiff)


Omaha, NE

10 HC

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture Lemon Lime 1500mg

My on course varies, it always starts out with first tee jitters and if I’m playing well I’m relaxed and if I’m playing poorly (which happens more often than not) I’m very tense, which just leads to me playing even worse.

I use a whoop band and an Apple Watch.

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Los Angeles, CA

Preferred product: FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL TINCTURE (I like the simplicity of a drop under the tongue)

For my on course demeanor, I consider myself pretty even keeled, not too high and not too low, and really focus on my mindfulness and staying "in the moment". I want to start to put myself into higher stress situations though (tougher courses, maybe competition) and would love for something that can help me maintain that under higher stakes than just playing for myself.

I currently wear a FitBit Charge 2 and am looking to upgrade (most likely to a Garmin S20) very soon. I wear the tracker all day, not just on the course.

Hope for the opportunity to try the product and provide feedback!

Driver: Honma TW747 460 VIZARD 50 S-flex
7 wood: Honma TW747
Irons: TaylorMade M Gloire 6-AW Fujikura Speeder SR-Flex
Wedges: (testing) Cleveland RTX Zipcore Raw 56*/60*
Putter: SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange 34”

“Golf is a good walk enhanced”

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1.  Spokane, Washington

2. The gummies or the full spectrum oil.

3.  Pretty even demeanor on the golf course though I am prone to club throwing and fits of anger on occasion.

4.  Yes, a Garmin Vivoactive.

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I have osteoarthritis in my hips, which can make it difficult to make a good turn and really can limit my distance. I'm looking to limit my hip pain without hip replacement surgery and would like to see if cbd gives me some relief and provides more range of motion. 

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  1. Minnesota
  2. Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
  3. Calm, but get nervous/over excited when playing good, which inevitably means I end up playing bad
  4. Fitbit Charge 3
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Youngstown, OH 

The oil or roll on would be great to try.

Competitive player for years but I tend to get anxious at slow times on the course.

I do not have a fitness tracking system  

Scotty Cameron California Monterey 1.5

58.12 Mac Daddy 4 X grind raw—TT Tour Issue s400

54.10 Vokey Spin Milled raw—TT Tour Issue s400

Miura MB-201 PW-7—KBS $taper 130X

Miura CB-201 Straight-Neck   6-3—KBS $taper 130X

Titleist 909H 19* Aldila 85X

Callaway Flash SZ 13.5* -- Graphite Design BB-6X

Callaway Mavrik SZ 9* -- HZRDUS “HULK” 6.5TX


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  1. Los Angeles, CA
  2. Would be interested in the gummies
  3. Can be a bit of a roller coaster depending on how I am playing! I try to stay calm for the most part through good and bad shots.
  4. No fitness tracking devices used at this time

Driver : :callaway-small: Rogue SZ Evenflow 6.0 Stiff

Woods : TESTING :benhogan-small: GS53 3 Wood

Hybrids: :callaway-small: XR Project X Stiff (3&4)

Irons : :callaway-small: Mavrik True Temper Elevate 95 Stiff Steel (5-PW,AW)

Wedges : Bombtech 52,56,60

Putter : :taylormade-small:Spider Red

Bag : Datrek lightweight cart bag

Ball :  :taylormade-small: TP5x 

Rangefinder : TecTecTec DXLS

SoCal, USA

Right handed HDCP 15.1

Kanibi CBD Products Tester

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  1. Portland, OR
  2. Full Spectrum CBD oil tincture
  3. I'm mostly relaxed on the course when I'm making pars. Start to get frustrated/agitated when I'm playing poorly and tend to get nervous/anxious when I'm making a lot of birdies
  4. I currently do not use any fitness tracking device

Slinging Fat Draws since '94

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