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Adams - back to the Future in Costco?


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Following up on Tony's, Harry's, and Chris' speculation in the latest No Putts Given (Episode 54?) in response to a couple tweets from the corpse of Adams Golf, what bizarre predictions or fake news can we gin up. I'm thinking that we will soon see Adam's Kirkland Signature irons and hybrids on the aisles of our favorite superbox store, probably strategically displayed somewhere between the alcohol and camping tents. Costco is already in the business with balls, gloves, putters, and (i have heard but not seen) wedges. What easier way to buy credibility in the golf equipment market could there be than bringing Adams back from the crypt that Taylormade cast it into?

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Biggest reason to say no is Costco would have to actually buy the name from TM. Why do that when they can keep using open club designs and putting their name on it? Didn’t seem to hurt the putter and doubt it will on the wedges. There is zero value in the Adams name for them so see no reason to p!ss money away to pay for it.

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