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How much does backspin change from impact to landing?


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Launch monitors measure backspin at impact/beginning of flight but, how much does that change by the time it hits the ground?

Would time of flight or apex have more of an impact on the difference?

Does ball design/dimple pattern change which ball would retain the most spin through flight? 

The more I think about this question it really could be the differentiator between balls that is overlooked.

Also, how would this be measured? Would you have to use high speed cameras near a landing zone or a second trackman near the landing zone? 

Obvious anecdotal evidence of tour sauce resulting in zippers in the green can vary greatly depending on course conditions and quality of strike.

Additionally, it would be safe to assume higher spin at impact would have more spin upon landing. However, the change/drop in spin over time after impact might actually prove otherwise?

Is it possible that dimple/ball design could have less initial spin but, because of the design, retain more spin upon landing than another ball with a higher initial spin?

Is it possible for the opposite of higher initial spin and less spin upon landing due to dimple/ball design? This would be a launch monitor fooler. 

Are there any tests or real world results to share?

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Fascinating questions - I'd sure like to know the answers

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It's a very complex question with a very complex answer, most of which is dependent on the aerodynamics package on the golf ball. Air density, temperature, and pressure will all play into it. If you can find some scientific papers on ball design, or can get the ear of a ball engineer, these will be your best options to get a more detailed answer.

Aerodynamics is one of my favourite topics in science but this isn't an area I've done a deep dive into as of yet.

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18 minutes ago, Larryd3 said:

That'd be a good question to post to Dean Snell.  (Snell Golf)

Dean Snell has a good article on his website about dimple design and how the spin rate of the ball will change the type of dimple design to make the ball more efficient in regard to lift and drag.

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