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I’ve had the PING Glide OG Wedges in the bag for nearly a year, sure there was the several month lay off due to the courses being closed, but I am starting to see some real benefits to the CB type of wedge.

My full swings are much more crisp and reliable in the distance department. 52° Gap wedge is a 118-120 club all day long, and I can extend in a Touch ID needed. 58° is a 105 and in.

Shorter shots actually launch lower and check up more than comparing them to the BStones or my older Taylormade clubs (from memory). 

As a diehard blade guy, especially for wedges... I’m sold on tech.  PING has the right idea offering just a smidge if help.  In fact, I am going to try to sweet talk the wife into a lower bag gap fitting with the Glide 3.0’s.

Im Sold on PING wedges... give them a try. I am bummed that I had to part ways with the Blueprints, but my game is not as sharp as it needs to be to play well with those. I will take a serious look at the new iBlade when it comes out, as long as it is still cast. 

That brings me to another point about the Glide wedges, they are soft.  No way around that and they are cast.

No I did not get paid for this, but I will except a PING Hoofer Tour bag with SHANKSTER on it if anyone in AZ is paying attention.

Do yourself a favor and try them.  

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