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Buyers guide on grips?

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43 minutes ago, cnosil said:

We could also get into things like Playing with or without a glove and humidity/rain

I mentioned sweat and rain....that would be easy though...spray bottle like yuou do with testing balls on the wedges. 


I say you go for it.....come on...1 fan is asking for it...isnt that enough??  lol

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Now I'm seeing a TXG YouTube video on the impact of playing with worn out grips in my head. Hearing Ian's voice: "We know, Matty, that your average gooolfer might not change their grips as often as they shoooold."

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If you like the idea of experimenting with grips I use PURE DTX and wasn't sure on the size of them so I bought one each of a standard size and midsize. The Pure grips go on nice and easy with an Air compressor and they come off just as easily as well so what I did was put the midsize on my 7 iron and the standard one on my 8 iron and took them both to the range to see which I prefered. From there I" ended up going with the midsize and they have plenty without a glove and with a fresh glove its like you put superglue on your hands.

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I recently experimented with the MMC +4 tour velvet.......makes the club feel lighter, thus generating more clubhead speed...in my head anyway.....

ill be installing those next go around. 

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Definitely needs to be a buyer's guide on grips because it can make or break a set of clubs. TXG's video talking about different grip sizes is a must watch on this topic. FWIW, I play Midsize MCC+4's for comfort level and it keeps my hands from getting "flippy." 

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