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Testers Announced (4) PING Heppler Putter


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Scott / Greensboro, NC / /USA

Odyssey - White Hot Pro / V-Line

FETCH MODEL ... several reasons to test this putter. First, I love Ping putters and have several I switch out to from time to time. I have a favorite (less known) VSL that is similar to the Hepler face design in that it has no milling or insert. I also have a B-60 with an un-milled face design that I love to pull out. Although they are both older models, they are timeless in design.  It's also good to feel the stronger toe hang weight from time to time. Second, the Fetch has a semi-similar look to the Odyssey Two-Ball I have in the closet. I bought it used and putted with it for years. I like what you have done to create the look of the one "ball" center cutout of the Fetch instead of the two-ball. Third, I almost asked to try the Tyne 3 because my son had a Tyne Stealth (I think that was the one, but it was stolen) that I enjoyed tinkering with. I have developed a very straight path stroke and I think the Fetch might fit that a little better than the Tyne. Finally, I think the Fetch would be a good contrast/comparison with my current Odyssey V-Line putter. Similar in shape, but the Fetch has a visual appeal that I have not seen elsewhere. 

Thanks for your consideration.

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Marc/San Diego, Ca/USA

Ping anser 3 (old)

ZB3 - I have been fighting my strong arc with putters with a line. I feel I just need to play my arc to see if I can sink more putts inside 8 feet. I can only play 2-3 times a month due to time restrictions but I practice 3-4 times a week at a local range for an hour or so. I love the process and find it relaxing working on my short game.

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3 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Testers Wanted (4)

Feel, while very subjective, is an important aspect of golf clubs for most golfers. Soft for one player is mushy for someone else, while firm to some can be considered harsh to others. 

For those firmly in the firm camp (yes, that was intentional), the PING Heppler may be for you. Offered in the same models as the flagship Sigma line, Heppler is a machined solid flat face that provides a firmer impact feel and sound.  All this comes in a stunning black and copper finish that provide effective alignment cues.  


Want to be a Tester

We’re looking for four golfers who are motivated, detail-oriented, and committed to providing a thorough review of the PING Heppler putters and sharing your thoughts and grades with the forum community.  

Testing is open to golfers in the US, Canada and UK.

Reply to this thread with the following information (do not quote this post):

  • First Name/City State/Country
  • Current Putter in Use
  • Check out all the models (see them here), and tell us which one interests you and why?

Wondering which PING putter best fits your game? Try PING's online fitting tool!

We'll be choosing the testers sometime next week, so check back and see if you've been chosen. Good Luck!

jae cho

los angeles, CA

scotty cameron newport 2

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Mark/ Minneapolis (suburb), MN/U.S.A.

Current Putter: Bettinardi Baby Ben (center- shafted)

My interest is mostly in the Piper C,  (I have always preferred center- shaft putters, but would willingly try any more face-balanced model).

I did club-making and repair work, whole working for Golfsmith.  Starting when the Paul family owned the company.

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John.      Burlington,Iowa, United States of America 

Scotty Cameron Black Newport 2.6

I would love to game the Piper C. I absolutely love center shafted putters, and this one looks amazing. I'm very intrigued to see what kind of a difference a mid-mallet putter makes compared to my center shafted blade. The adjustable shaft is also a very innovative and useful option. 

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Patrick Manning/Boston, Mass/USA

Callaway Black Series mid-malled (milled) (to be honest it's an old hand-me-down i'm not 100% sure)

I'm most interested in the Piper Arm Lock or the C. They look most like my current putter but I'm open to any in that line.


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  • Nathan; San Francisco, CA; USA
  • Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2
  • The Ping Anser 2 interests me the most because I have always used blade putters and it looks most similar to the putter I am currently using so I assume it will be easier for me to adapt to than a totally different shape and weigh distribution. Also, I have a slight arc to my putting stroke and Ping's site says that the Anser 2 is best suited for a slight arc stroke style. 


Driver: Callaway Mavrik SubZero

Irons: Taylormade P770 4i - AW

Wedges: Taylormade MG3 at 55 and 60 degrees

Taylormade Stealth Plus 3Hy

Taylormade Stealth Plus 3W

Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Arm Lock

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Andrew/Dickson, TN/United States

I am currently using the Tommy Armour Impact No. 3 putter (thanks to you guys).

I would be interested in trying the Ketsch because I have always been a fan of mallet putters and I think I would enjoy having 3 lines on the top to assist with aimimg.

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Edmond, Oklahoma

Odyssey 2 Ball Stroke Lab

Test Interest Heppler Tomcat 14 or another Mallet model

Until a few years ago, I have played mostly with Ping putters starting with the Anser, Zing, and Pal.  Moved on to Ping malletts like Craz-e (multiple versions), Whack-e, Sigma, etc.  Extremely loyal to Ping because I got results and loved the look and feel.  Won a TM Spider and was fitted.  Loved the feel and results.  Broken during travel so I tested for a replacement and chose the Odyssey 2 Ball Stroke Lab.  Happy with it but always want to return to Ping and the Heppler Tomcat 14 looks to be the perfect choice.

I play 4 to 5 times per week and practice the other days.  I live in Oklahoma and play year round. Lots of prime season left to give the putter a rigorous test.  I'm a 5.7 Index and practice putting in equal parts to full swing and short game.

I have the time and the commitment to be a very effective tester.



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Ron from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Ping Redwood - LOVE my Ping putter


Interested in the ZB3 format, as I have developed a stronger arc to my stroke and would love to see what a better suited putter could do for me.

Nike Vapor Pro driver, Titlest 909 3 wiod, Adams Pro hydrid 2 and 3, Mizuno MP 56 irons, Mizuno MP T-5 wedges, Ping Redwood putter

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Taylormade Spider X

i want theTomcat 14. I like the pure face interaction that the ping appears to have. Taylormade doesn’t do it for me. 

Edited by TwoPuttBirdie

. Update your signature to include the following info:

a. Irons = Mizuno + 1/2 inch JPX 850 Forged

b. Driver specs (loft/flex) = Taylormade R9 Supertri x-flex

c. Dexterity= RH

d. Denver, CO

e. Average Score= 79

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