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Testers Announced (4) PING Heppler Putter

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  • Kurt/Hockley, TX/USA
  • Wilson Staff Infinite Lake Shore
  • Tomcat 14. Love the airstrip light idea. Putting has been an Achilles heel for me, so any improvement on putting per round would help my handicap significantly.
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  • :wilson_staff_small: Infinite Lake Shore
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machined solid face impact feel and sound accuracy consistency ...all words golfers like to see when considering a putter and Ping brings these to you with their new

Testers Wanted (4) Feel, while very subjective, is an important aspect of golf clubs for most golfers. Soft for one player is mushy for someone else, while firm to some can be considered harsh to

After yesterday I am officially on the lookout for a delivery....

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Good luck applicants!  Super happy with my putter so I won't apply but interested to see if there is any value to the adjustability. 

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Jeff, Houston TX, USA
Current = Callaway Triple Track Two Ball
Test = Tomcat 14 because I need to have a solid alignment device on the putter. I also prefer mallets, larger mallets, and use straight or slight arc putters. Ive had and used the Fetch, (not Happler), Ketsch,Piper and while i liked all three, Ive sold them off in my search for something better.

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  • Colten/Mapleton, UT/USA
  • Taylormade Spider Tour (Black)
  • Ping Hepler ZB3 - I'm a right-handed/left-eye dominant player looking for a minimal offset putter and no sight line. I've always putted better with a sight dot (sight lines make me aim left). Thing is, there are hardly any options on the market for a putter with a sight dot unless you go custom. The ZB3 fits exactly what I need with minimal offset and the dot in a blade.
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Andy, Surrey, England

PXG Brandon 2

id love to try the Anser as I have had extensive fitting with PXG to get an Anser type with premium construction so would be very interested in seeing how they compare as I previously have used Ping Ansers in various forms over the past 20 years. 

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  • Taylor. Wilsonville, OR
  • Taylormade Spider Tour
  • Tomcat 14- I like the mallet putters, mainly because since I've switch from a blade style I've been making more putts.  This thing just looks cool, I like the landing strip alignment line and who doesn't want a ping putter!

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Ball: Whatever I find in the woods 😉

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I would like to try the new putter from Ping. I currently use a ping and like the adjustable length feature but would prefer a more solid feel from the putter especially on the fast greens I play.

My name is John from Saint Augustine FL and would like to test the Tomcat 14.

Having read your recent ball reviews and appreciate the thought and work that goes into this it made me wonder how an old dozen Titanium Balatas I have in my closet would come out. Not so good I think.

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Marlon/Leesburg, VA/USA

Taylormade Spider and Scott Cameron Newport 2 Notchback

I just made an appointment to get fitted for a new putter, which I have never done 🧐.  I went through the Ping fitting tool and I would love to game your 32" Heppler Ketsch.  I think this would be a great option for me as I have an almost straight back and forth putting stoke and I love the look of this putter. 👍  Fitting on hold!!

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  • Craig /Denver CO/USA
  • TaylorMade MySpider Tour
  • Piper C. My misses tend to be blocked right. Wondering if the center shaft helps fix that for me. 


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TaylorMade SpyderX putter

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