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Testers Announced (4) PING Heppler Putter


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  • Bruce/Virginia Beach/United States
  • Cameron Newport 3
  • ZB3. Slant neck...I can still go lights out for 10-14 days with a Plumber's Neck...then can't hit the ocean if standing on the beach...
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Mark / Broadview Heights, OH / US

Currently using Scotty Cameron GoLo 5

I tried Ping online fitting tool last week, and it recommended Heppler Ketch or Fetch, though the look of the Fetch is more appealing to me. 

(About ready to pull the trigger, too, after 3 3-putts last evening in 9 holes!)


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Having had various models of Ping putters in the past (and currently play a Ping driver) I would like to try the Anser 2 as I play a Scotty Cameron Select square back at the moment and would like to feel the Ping  face and see what difference to the Scotty, though they all interest me withe the colour finish. My first name is Robert I live in Derbyshire, UK.

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Rob here from Branchburg, NJ USA

I currently rotate between 2 putters, depending on green speed...a Wilson Pro-Staff 1 Mallet Style with triple track alignment aide ...and an Odyssey 2 Ball Blade Style putter, also with triple track alignment aide

 I would like to test the Heppler Ketsch - 34" 370 g. putter because based on the club fitting that would best suite my putting stroke and method

Heppler Ketsch



Stroke Type:Straight


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1 hour ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Testers Wanted (4)

Feel, while very subjective, is an important aspect of golf clubs for most golfers. Soft for one player is mushy for someone else, while firm to some can be considered harsh to others. 

For those firmly in the firm camp (yes, that was intentional), the PING Heppler may be for you. Offered in the same models as the flagship Sigma line, Heppler is a machined solid flat face that provides a firmer impact feel and sound.  All this comes in a stunning black and copper finish that provide effective alignment cues.  


Want to be a Tester

We’re looking for four golfers who are motivated, detail-oriented, and committed to providing a thorough review of the PING Heppler putters and sharing your thoughts and grades with the forum community.  

Testing is open to golfers in the US, Canada and UK.

Reply to this thread with the following information (do not quote this post):

  • First Name/City State/Country
  • Current Putter in Use
  • Check out all the models (see them here), and tell us which one interests you and why?

Wondering which PING putter best fits your game? Try PING's online fitting tool!

We'll be choosing the testers sometime next week, so check back and see if you've been chosen. Good Luck!

Matt, Baldwinsville, NY, USA

I use an Evnroll ER7

The Ketsch catches my eye. It looks to be similar to my current putter. I'm pretty intrigued by the solid face of the Heppler family and am interested in the idea of trying a firmer face vs. the feel of my Evnroll.

Ping CB-P226 Hoofer Cart Bag

Ping G400 Max 10.5° w/Ping Alta CB

PXG 0341 3 wood 15° w/Project X Even Flow Blue

PXG 0211 19° Hybrid w/Project X Even Flow Riptide 

Ping G410 Crossover 23° w/Mitsubishi Tensei Blue

PXG 0211 5 - GW w/True Temper Elevate 95

Callaway MD3 54°/12° S Grind w/True Temper Dynamic Gold

Callaway MD3 58°/09° W Grind w/True Temper Dynamic Gold

Evnroll ER11v 34”  Evnroll ER11v Official Review

Shot Scope Pro LX+ Pro LX+ Official Review

Kirkland Signature v2.0

Clicgear 3.5+

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John, Beautiful Athens, GA (especially now that football is near), USA

I currently play a Taylormade Spider Platinum. I finally figured out that I needed some toe hang and bought this just prior to Ping releasing these. I have always been a Ping guy but the curiosity created by my new found desire for toe hang led me to purchase the TM. It has improved my putting......BUT......I definitely do not like (more like HATE?) the look  of it as I stand over it. You do what you have to do to make putts so I have lived with it.  

I would love the opportunity to get back together with Ping and it looks like the Ketsch would be the model I would most like to game. 

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Josh / Edgerton, OH / USA

Primary putter is Tommy Armour Impact Series #3

Several of the Heppler models catch my eye and stroke type.  However, I have always wanted to try/test a “spider” mallet like the Tomcat 14.  Just did the Ping fitting tool, and it agrees with me.  Love the alignment dots running on the top.  I have mostly a straight back stroke and this should suite me great.  Would love the opportunity to test it against my current gamer, and provide feedback to the forum and Twitter!

Thanks for opportunity!

Tour Edge EXS 220  driver, Sub70 699  irons, Titleist TS2 and Wilson Staff FG5 fairway, Wilson Staff FG5 hybrid,

Cleveland CBX2 wedges,  Tommy Armour Impact #3 putter

Psalm 73:26 🙏



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Jon- Wayne, PA, United States

Taylormade TP Soto Patina

Would love to test the Floki-   I have always used "strong arc" blades.  Would love to try the Strong Arc Mallet that Ping has to offer in this line.  Would love to see how it goes having better alignment aids and a much bigger MOI, while still being able to retain my arced stoke.


Thanks in Advance!



Driver: Titleist TS2 - Diamana BF 50

3 Wood- Callaway Mavrik 15* Diamana BF 60 (or 14* Mizuno ST190 w/ATMOS Blue)

3 Hybrid- 19* Ping G410 ATMOS TS Red (or Callaway BB 2015 5 Wood)

4 Hybrid - 22* Ping G420 ATMOS TS Red

Irons - 5-AW Taylormade P790 w/ OBAN CT-100 Steel Shafts

Wedges - 54* Vokey SM7 M Grind, 58* Vokey SM7 M Grind - OBAN CT-100 Shafts

Putter- Taylormade TP Soto, Patina Collection

Ball- Srixon ZStar

Index 13.9

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  • Tyler | Belle, MO | USA
  • Taylormade Spider X 
  • Interested in the ZB3. The ZB line has always intrigued me and I'm a big fan of the single dot alignment aid. I've got a mid-strong arc, so I'm curious to see how this performs 

:ping-small: G400 Max

:ping-small: G410 3W

:ping-small: G410 3 & 4 Crossover

:ping-small: i200 5-PW

:vokey-small: Vokey SM7 | 52-56-60

:taylormade-small: Taylormade Spider X



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Nick / Polk City, Iowa / USA

Scotty Cameron Select Fastback 2

Floki / because I have a strong arc putter stroke and I'm very interested in a high MOI putter that also has a significant toe hang designed for arcing putters like myself. I tend to find high MOI putters mostly face balanced, which I've tried, and don't work for me. The Floki design looks great and I'm extremely interested. 

Nick C, Iowa, index 2.2

Ping G410 LST, Tour AD IZ 6-X

Sim Max 3W, hzrdous green smoke 6.5

Ping Hybrids 3 & 4, Tour AD- DI 85s

Srixon Z585s, PX LZ 6.5 5-PW

Cleveland Zip core, 49, 54, 58. Mid

Scotty Cameron Select Fastback 2.0

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