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Testers Announced (4) PING Heppler Putter


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Lee / Richmond, VA / USA

Currently use an Odyssey O-Works #7

Tomcat 14. I’ve experimented with higher MOI putter than what I currently use, and find myself wanted to switch to one. Was thinking about the Spider X or a Triple Track Ten, but before pulling the trigger I saw the design of the Tomcat 14 and was drawn to the airport runway style tracking dots, and I much prefer them over the tracking systems of the other putters. Would love to get it a detailed review and breakdown in comparison, and likely end up gaming it. 

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Todd / Moscow Idaho / USA

TaylorMade Spider X

Interested in the Floki as the look is similar to the Spider X but with a design suited for a stronger arc but also a very high MOI.  I would also be interested in the Piper Armlock because I am always looking for an opportunity to increase strokes gained in putting.

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Marc Merrill Los Angeles, California USA

kirkland ks1

heppler tomcat 14 33.5 inches  I have been wanting to switch to more of a mallet putter as I have had some success with them when I have used them with rentals on vacation   This one looks really sleek and has some nice weight I think it would really help my misses I have on short putts




Marc Merrill 

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Jim, Manchester, NH - USA

Current putter = SeeMore Nashville One SS Black, 33.5", 2° loft, 70° lie angle (great putter)

I would like to try the center-shafted Piper C for a few reasons: 1) Current putter is center shafted, 2) I feel like center shafted putters are easier to hit solid, more often, 3) I like a mallet head shape so I want to see if I am more consistent vs. the SeeMore

Thank you.

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TM SimMax driver: 9°, PX Smoke Yellow 6.0, 60gm

Cobra King F9 fairway: 14.5°, PX Smoke Yellow 6.0, 70gm

Cobra King F9 hybrid: 17°, PX EvenFlow Blue 6.0, 85gm

Adams Pro hybrid: 20°, TP Matrix Altus Ozik Stiff, 85gm

Mizuno JPX919 HMPro irons: 5-PW, PX LZ Steel 6.0

Mizuno S18 wedges: 49°, 53°, 57°, (61°), PX LZ Steel (6.0 - 5.5)

SeeMore Nashville One SS Black putter

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  • Jon / Plymouth, MA / USA 
  • Wilson Bucktown 
  • I am interested in the Piper C.  I recently tried a center shafted ping putter at my local PGA store, and absolutely loved it.  This putter interests me because of the center shaft.  I also have been testing putters that are 34 and 35' and they just don't seem to be long enough.  The 36" is very intriguing.  My putting stroke is straight, and I think that this putter would be a good fit for my type. 


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Elliot / Hertfordshire / England (UK)

Ping Scottsdale TR Piper 35/C.

Ping Heppler Piper C. I converted to the Piper C a few years ago (bought secondhand as not readily available in UK), as I prefer mallet and centre shaft putters (previously used Odyssey #2 blade CS and Yes Marilyn mallet) buy couldn’t find something that had both. 

It’s been an absolute revelation, more so on long putts but also on short.

I’m keen to try a different length shaft to see how it improves my short putts. I’d also prefer a wider grip.

I think the multi material, with a defined leading edge, would be a huge advantage for alignment. I’m concerned the  firmer feel my be a hindrance, but that’s what the testing is for!  


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Mike K Willowbrook IL  USA

Currently practice with an old Snake Eyes Viper Tour Blade and game a Tour Edge Backdraft GT+

Interested in going in a total different direction and trying a Tomcat 14 for 2 reasons. 

1) I have had multiple back surgeries and cannot practice near as much as I would like. The adjustable length, in theory, would allow me 

to vary my back angle and give me some alternatives as I practice and hopefully give me some relief.

2) I have slowly been transitioning to a more SBST style and this "Spider" style putter would be great to help me make the switch.  

Thanks, MK

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I currently use an Odyssey White Hot XG Rossie

I am interested in testing the Ping Heppler Anser 2. I have been wanting to get into a bladed style better with a more solid feel compared to the white hot mid-mallet I am currently using. The Ping Anser is my favourite head shape so I am interested to see how it will interact with my putting stroke and how solid the feel is. Thank you

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Keith/Mukilteo, WA/USA/Never Compromise Sub 30

I would be interested in an Anser 2, as it is close to what I use now and like that type of head when I'm looking down at the ball. Also of interest would be the Tyne 3, as it isn't a full mallet and seems to be close to the type being used with success on Tour.


Thank you for your time and consideration,

Keith Hansen

Cobra Woods

Nicklaus & Nike Hybrids

Nicklaus Irons

Never Compromise Putter

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