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Testers Announced (4) PING Heppler Putter


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Avery/ Fisherville, ON/ Canada

Cleveland Huntington Beach

looking to test out the mallet putter. Have always stuck with a blade putter for the simplicity, looking to take some strokes off my game and have been told to test out a larger putter. Always curious what I could do with a centre shaft. I think the Piper C will be able to give me a good grasp of what I can really do on the dance floor. Thank you

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Eric/Saint Paul, MN/USA

Ping Anser 4

The Tomcat 14 seems very similar to the Stroke Lab Ten S I was recently fitted for but haven't pulled the trigger on yet. Was impressed with how easily I was rolling putts in the hole with the mallet when I've always played and been partial to a blade. I think I'd like the feel and sound of the machined flat face from this Ping over the insert in the Stroke Lab as I have very good speed control with my Anser 4.

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  • A.J./Niagara Falls, NY/United States
  • Scotty Cameron - Cameron and Crown Newport 2
  • Fetch - I have recently switched to a blade putter that I like, but I have trouble making sure my putter path is correct. I think the set up of this putter will help me keep my path better.
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Gary/Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida/USA

Adams Mallet

Prefer the Fetch, as it is visually similar to my current putter, made for my straight stroke and has the pickup feature!

XXIO 9 Driver, MP-900 shaft (S-flex), 9.5* loft

XXIO 9 3-Wood, MP-900 Shaft (S-flex), 15 * loft

Tor Edge Exotics E8 4-Wood Regular Flex Bassara shaft, 16.5 * loft

XXIO 9 Hybrids (4H & 5H), MP-900 shaft (S-R flex)

Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons (5-PW), Recoil 95 F2 shafts

Callaway X-Tour Raw Wedge (54* loft, 13* bounce)

Callaway X-Tour Raw Wedge (60* loft, 9* bounce)

Odyssey Mid Two-Ball Armlock Putter 

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Michael/Granger, Indiana/US

Taylormade OS Daytona - LH

Anser 2 - I've always liked the look of this style putter, not a big fan of the large flat putters.  Love the feel, touch, and roll it produces.

default_taylormade-small.jpg.9cfd1967a22a4f12f111c31ecfb366df.jpg PSI Irons, 5-PW (bent 2° Flat)
default_taylormade-small.jpg.9cfd1967a22a4f12f111c31ecfb366df.jpgRAC Wedges, 52,56,60
default_titelist-small.jpg.087645d07bc8a0547b9ca5ca75fa19d5.jpg TS2 Driver, 10.5
default_titelist-small.jpg.087645d07bc8a0547b9ca5ca75fa19d5.jpg TS2 Fairway, 15
default_titelist-small.jpg.087645d07bc8a0547b9ca5ca75fa19d5.jpg TS2 Hybrids, 19 & 23
default_taylormade-small.jpg.9cfd1967a22a4f12f111c31ecfb366df.jpgDaytona OS Putter

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