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Testers Announced (4) PING Heppler Putter


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Grant/Aztec New Mexico/USA

Odyssey, White Hot RX, No.1

I love the look of a blade putter at address. I generally have always used blade putters over the years because of feel and feedback they provide. I am also a data driven golfer. 

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Fern.. from ,Quebec ,Canada

Daiwa pro balance 8511, / 34" long

I would love it the Ketch model for me has been surprisingly good when I have tried it 2 years ago ,I had a old Ping answer for years and sadly got rid of it with regrets but I would certainly make a good review on a new be. I am always close from 22 to ,23 footers but only average of 20% are in..hope I could raise up a Little with these....

Thanks for letting me in .


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Sean/Jenks, OK/USA

Odyssey Oworks Red 1W S

Anser 2

Fan of blade style putters. Oworks is a bit heavy and I’m a Ping guy at heart dating back to my Zero 3 from high school. 


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Ping G410 9 degree Velacore X shaft, Ping G410 3 wood, Taylor Made GAPR 3H, Ping G710 irons 5-U, Bomb Tech volcano wedges (52,56,60), Odyssey Oworks Red 1W S putter. 

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Cody D. / Fort Wayne, IN / USA

Ping Anser

The Piper Armlock interests me.  I have dabbled with the Arm Lock method in the past (Bettinardi) and would be interested how this technique would work with a putter having a firmer feel.  Additionally, I love golf and the process of testing all manner of equipment.  

Thank you for the consideration.  

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Currently playing the Odyssey Stroke Lab Exo Marxman. Been playing Odyssey putters for years (Rossie and Versa 7). Started out with a Ping blade (Anser), many (50) years ago through H.S. and college. Would love to see how the Ping Heppler mallets compare to the Odyssey putters.

Frank J. Rosie

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MacGregor Bobby Grace M5K

Piper C (LH)

Left handed putters are rare in shops to try.   I get more grief with this MacGregor putter than if I played Eye-2’s. This is the closest model to the almost old enough to buy a drink gamer I have.  Would love ❤️ to prove new tech materials do make a difference.  


Titleist TSR 11 degree, Ascent R1 44.5”

Titleist TSR 4W Ascent R1 42”

Titleist TS 21 - 818 23/25 hybrids 

Titleist T300 (2021) 6-W Fubuki

 Titleist SM9 50-54-58 TT AMT Red

Scotty Phantom X 7.5, all LH

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  • Jay / Hamilton / Ontario / Canada
  • Odyssey white hot steel Center shafted 34 inch
  • The Heppler Piper centre shaft is the model that interests me. I have always preferred a mallet style putter with Center shaft and they are few and far between hence why I’m still gaming my oldie but goodie odyssey 
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  • First Name/City State/Country:  Tom, Reno, NV, USA
  • Current Putter in Use:  Tour Edge, HP Series, High Performance 10
  • Check out all the models (see them here), and tell us which one interests you and why?
  • I am very interested in the PING Sigma 2 Valor Stealth.  The size and shape appeal to me, although the weight may be heavier than what I currently use.  The PING online fitting selected this putter for me, although the putter description indicates this is an ARC putter, while I indicated I have a straight back and through putting style.  I do tend to miss puts out to the right, which is probably caused by me keeping the putter face slightly open at contact.  I have been trying to remember to aim slightly left during setup.  Maybe an ARC putting stroke would take care of my problem.

I practiced as a CPA/Money Manager for 48 years and am very detailed oriented.  I believe that I could shave 3 to 5 strokes off my handicap with improved putting.

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Ron Newkirk, New Milford CT 

I have a 2018 taylormade spider

im up for trying the center blade putter or the blade styles, they seem to fit my eye

would be a great pairing as I have a golf podcast and could track my journey weekly with this opportunity, check us out at The Leftys Lounge, available on iTunes and Spotify and @the.leftys.lounge on Instagram 

thanks for the consideration 

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After trying multiple putters, I feel  like a rubber grip and a firm feel is best for me.  I haven't used a PING in a long time and that was a Zing.  These Heppler putters have the updated look and materials that look right to me.  I'd love to try a ZB3.   🤑🤑🤑

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Rick, Nashville TN, Tommy Armour Impact No. 3, 

I would like to test the Tomcat 14.  I have a been fitted at a straight stroke.  I feel that the style of this putter would work for my game.  I would be interested to see if a putter designed for a straight/slight arc putter would provide a better result for longer putts.  


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