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Testers Announced (4) PING Heppler Putter

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machined solid face impact feel and sound accuracy consistency ...all words golfers like to see when considering a putter and Ping brings these to you with their new

Testers Wanted (4) Feel, while very subjective, is an important aspect of golf clubs for most golfers. Soft for one player is mushy for someone else, while firm to some can be considered harsh to

After yesterday I am officially on the lookout for a delivery....

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Ryan/Cedar Falls/IA/USA

Scotty Cameron, Laguna 2.5 Pro Platinum

Piper C or ZB3 would be my preference to try and report back on.  Love the look at address of the ZB3, similar to my current gamer.  Would also like to try a center shafted putter and this one looks pretty solid.

PXG Gen 1, 4-PW

SM7 Vokey Wedges, 52, 56

Ping G400, 19 degree Hyrbrid

Tour Edge E4 Tour 3 Wood

Ping G400, 10.5 degree Driver

Scotty Cameron, Laguna 2.5 Putter

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Jason B/Cave Creek, AZ/USA

PXG Mustang - Center Shafted (left-handed)

Interested in the Piper C (left-handed) - I switched to the PXG Mustang a few years back.  This was my first go around with a center-shafter putter.  I love the look of a center-shafted putter and the face balance makes it easy for me be more consistent. 

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Chris/Florida Panhandle/USA

Odyssey Versa #1 Wide White (RH)

Tomcat 14 (RH) - wanted to explore possibilities of user a larger/multi-alignment putter like this; my putts-per-round (33) indicates I should try something different.   😎


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Indicate right handed putter


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David/Navarre, FL/USA

Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven

Tyne 3 interests me the most as it’s very similar to my Seven. However, curious as to face feel, weight, swing path characteristics and how the copper/black color combo aids in the alignment. I really like the feel and color combo for alignment of my Seven. 

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Steve L   Mansfield OH

Playing a PING Anser   Cadence TR

Probably the KETSCH, though a Piper C is pretty decent -  played one of those for a few years

seems like the anser is more finisse than i can deal with right now,  looking for something that has a little more umfff

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I would like to test the Ping putter. I practice almost daily with putting drills and can certainly tell the differences between putters. Currently my go to is a Bobby Grace blade with the Red O Works Odyssey mallet as a back up.

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  • Walker / Baton Rouge, Louisiana / USA
  • Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2
  • Interested in the ZB3. I've always preferred blade putters, and lately I've noticed that I'm putting with a stronger arc. I'd like to move to a putter that fits that stroke better, rather than fighting it. 
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  • Dan/Amherst, MA/United States
  • I game an original, early 1970s PING Pal cut to 32 inches, gripped with a last-gen SuperStroke 2.0, and weighted with loads of lead tape
  • I'd like to test the Tyne 3. My Pal has a smooth face, so I'm very used to the solid feel, but I'd like to try something with a little more (ok, maybe a lot more) forgiveness/higher MOI and less loft to help me from skipping the ball. Also, I love the plumber's neck hosel and would bend it to match the 73-degree lie angle of my current Pal. 

Thanks, and good luck to all!

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Adam, Oshkosh, WI, USA

Odyssey White Hot #2 Center Shafted 

I’d like to try the Heppler ZB3 because I’ve recently moved back to the (relatively) firmer feel of my Odyssey blade from a combo of Tommy Armour impact no.3 & Ping Sigma G Doon. In learning more about my putting stroke & preferences I’ve noticed that my stroke is better suited to a firmer face. 

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  • First Name/City State/Country.         Mike Zapicchi/Manasquan, NJ/USA
  • Current Putter in Use.                          Scotty MidSur cut to 35 inches 
  • Check out all the models (see them here), and tell us which one interests you and why?     Tyne 3 that shape appeals to my eye...I prefer the click that comes from a non-insert putter
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Joel Moorman/ Reno, Nevada/ USA

SC Newport 3

Ketsch, I have a slight to straight arc and this would fit the bill perfect. Also really interested in trying the adjustable shaft as I am 6'2" and prefer to be straighter standing.


Ping G410 plus stiff 

Mizuno ST190 3 wood

Taylormade M6 rescue 3 hybrid

Mizuno MP-25 irons

Taylormade milled grind in 52*, 60*

Taylormade HiToe 56*

Scotty Cameron Newport 3 

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Taylormade Spider Itsy Bitsy Limited Edition 

Interested in the Tomcat 14 because of the similar look of the Spider that I have or the Piper C because of the mid mallet shape and center shafted (Previous putter I used was center shafted)

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