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Testers Announced (4) PING Heppler Putter


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Josh Caldwell/ Powder Springs, GA/ USA

Scotty Cameron- Kombi S- Circle T

After reviewing the current lineup, I am interested in testing the Tyne 3. The thicker top line and elongated alignment aids fit my eye. I have always preferred the firmer feel of a milled face putter, and I am curious as to how this model stacks up against other brands on the market. 

Thank you for your consideration.

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On 9/10/2020 at 7:55 AM, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Testers Wanted (4)

Feel, while very subjective, is an important aspect of golf clubs for most golfers. Soft for one player is mushy for someone else, while firm to some can be considered harsh to others. 

For those firmly in the firm camp (yes, that was intentional), the PING Heppler may be for you. Offered in the same models as the flagship Sigma line, Heppler is a machined solid flat face that provides a firmer impact feel and sound.  All this comes in a stunning black and copper finish that provide effective alignment cues.  


Want to be a Tester

We’re looking for four golfers who are motivated, detail-oriented, and committed to providing a thorough review of the PING Heppler putters and sharing your thoughts and grades with the forum community.  

Testing is open to golfers in the US, Canada and UK.

Reply to this thread with the following information (do not quote this post):

  • First Name/City State/Country
  • Current Putter in Use
  • Check out all the models (see them here), and tell us which one interests you and why?

Wondering which PING putter best fits your game? Try PING's online fitting tool!

We'll be choosing the testers sometime next week, so check back and see if you've been chosen. Good Luck!

Jeffrey Houston/ Taylor, Arizona/United States

I currently use an Odessey Marxman, 36" oversized grip

I am interested in testing the Ketsch Model

I am a high handicap golfer who sees. A large partrt of his scores near and on the greens.  While I live near 6 courses, I predominately play at only three of them.  I attempt to help coach the High School golf team at the school district I work for.  While my equipment knowledge and game both could use an improvement, my love of the game is my strongest attribute.  If selected, I will dillegently record my experiences, and provide your company with the opportunity to see a a true and honest impact that your putter may have on an individual.  

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jeffrey Houston

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  • Dave/Matawan, NJ/USA
  • Ping Anser 2 beryllium nickel
  • I’d like to try out the Ketsch or Tomcat 14. I’ve been using ping putters in the anser versions since I started playing golf as a teenager. Now that I’m a little bit older I feel like I need more help with alignment. But I haven’t yet taken the plunge into mallet style or high MOI putters ‘cause I’m so comfortable with my classic anser. 
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Tim/Fresno Ca/USA

Odyssey Triple Track 10S

Tyne 3. Love how square it seems to set up and look. It's awesome that the club is adjustable from 32" to 36".

CA / 13.8 HDCP

Driver :taylormade-small: M3 9.5* with 44" Mitsubishi Tensei blue stiff shaft

:callaway-small: Big Bertha 3 hybrid 18* UST Mamiya Recoil ES 780 graphite stiff

:callaway-small: Apex 19 5-AW with True Temper Elevate 95 stiff shafts

:titelist-small: SM6 54* and 58* wedges

:ping-small: Sigma 2 Tyne Stealth 35"

Ball: :titelist-small: Pro V One

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Tim from Costa Mesa USA. I currently use PING Tess Sigma G Blade Putter. Strong Arc. Tess reminds me of my junior days when I used a 8802 style putter. Thirty putts per round is my benchmark and with Tess, it provided me my best overall putting performance with 25 putts. However, I would like to be more confident with short range putts within 8ft, where a straight back straight through stroke would help rather than the strong arc of the Tess putter. I would like to test TomCat 14 to see if it would help with my shorter range putts.

In the past, I've also used a 2 ball odyssey white hot rx putter with a cross handled grip. With this set up, I was quite comfortable within 8ft. I'm curious to see how the tomcat alignment compares to the 2 ball alignment. I'm a same side dominant player, so alignment is kind of important to me when I have to keep an open stance to see the line clearer than with a square stance.

I would be happy to provide my feedback from my clock drills within 3-4 ft (North, South, East, West) on the practice greens, in addition to what happens on the course. I intend to also use 8+4+2+1 drill as well. 

Thanks for considering me!


Timothy Molina

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Steve -Provo, Ut 11(hci) Age-mid 40’s- in case it’s for a certain demographic or target audience besides golf in general. Either the  Floki or Fetch would be ones I’d love to try and also the heppler Anser 2, just to compare to my personal putter(s). I love the two tone finish look on them and wish I could afford to buy all 4 but I can’t . I’ve  always used either a Karsten or an Anser 2, Anser 2 being my go to. I would also like to utilize the adjustable options and “tinker” around with how the mallet style putters feel and compare in momentum , follow through and feel compared to say, my 35” sigma that I’m using now , that as well as how the face finish alters stroke speed off the face and also roll momentum affecting the balls inertia. I believe and want to see if changing the length will alter putting stroke take away as well as follow through . I wish I would’ve grabbed the adjustable sigma, but maybe you’ll allow me to get the best of both Ping worlds?!? 

Edited by Pingenthusia$t
Added additional detail

Ping I-25 driver , Callaway XR Pro 3 wood with a Fujikura speeder evolution II FW 765 stiff shaft, Callaway Apex Pro ‘14’s (3-A.W.)W/ KBS TOUR-V stiff, Callaway Forged wedges w/TTDG tour issue s200 stiff shafts and a 35” ping sigma putter. Oops, posted this on the info page just before here, oh well. 

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  • INTERESTED IN TOMCAT14 - similar concept as my odyssey black #7 putter and always wanted to try this kinda shape mallet putter if it gets me more straighter putting than odyssey black #7 
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  • Steven gowers / farmers Branch / Texas / USA
  • Odyssey white hot XG sabertooth   
  • 34 inch LEFT HANDED ping heppler tomcat 14 or the  sigma 2 valor 400. I have a slight arc in my putting stroke. I think one of those may help 

Thank you, and may you sink all your putts!!  

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Trev/Fargo, ND/USA

Toulon, Vegas

The Kretsch would have serious interest. I like the contrasting and think the additional lines would be helpful for alignment. I like the snap and firm feel of putters, been looking for the one that I can call home. 

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St. Charles, Missouri

I currently use the left-handed Odyssey O works putter

I really would love to test the Tomcat 14 putter because I have more of a straight to slight arc in my game. The design seems very pleasing to my eye and I love the weight balance with the back ballasts. I definitely feel like I need the higher MOI and this putter may be able to supply just that. Putting is the biggest part of my game that I am focusing on right now and testing this product may be just thing to emphasize the training. 

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Steve Williamstown, NJ USA

Redwood Anser 2
Piper Armlock or the Tyne 3.  I choose something outside of my comfort zone, as to where I have only used the Anser putters.  I am in the market for a new putter so to be able to test a different putter would be great

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