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Testers Announced (4) PING Heppler Putter


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Jon H., Overland Park, KS 66221

Scotty Cameron, Studio Select Square Back no. 1

Im interested in the Piper series due to their clean balanced design.  I’ve been in the market for this type of putter for quite a while but haven’t found the perfect match yet.  I’m not sure which shaft design best fits my putter stroke, but I have an indoor golf simulator in my basement as well as a putting green so would be able and willing to provide regular feedback.  I’m in product development as well creating electronics and understand and respect the importance of responsive and engaged user testers.  Let me know if I can help.



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Mathew Elespuru Salt Lake City, Utah USA.  I would love to try the Tomcat 14.  I love mallet style putters and do well with the.  The design and the color combination  is great.  I also like the fact that the length is adjustable since I'm 6'10".

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Colin, Mount Vernon, OH, USA

Current putter is the Titleist Deadcenter - old school, firm putter that I've always played. I'd be interested in the Anser 2, as it would be most similar to my putter, just 30+ years newer.

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Mobile, Ala. - USA

Current Putter: Taylormade Spider

Really interested in the Tyne 3 Putter, putted with an crazy E for years and was looking for something softer. 

I'm a fairly decent putter just need more consistency with touch and speed. 

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  • John/Ooltewah, Tennessee /USA
  • Toulon San Diego (2016)
  • Tyne 3 - I had moved away from an older Ping mallet intended for straight back, straight through swing path after determining I have a slight arc path. I improved direction but now find distance control, especially outside of 30 feet, is not as good. A mallet intended for slight arc might be what I need. I also find putters using inserts feel too mushy.
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Greetings Forum Friends,

I just signed into this forum due to the opportunity to test the Heppler Putters. They look awesome to me. I am looking forward to checking out other topics on the forum as well. But first, let my reply to this thread with the required information. 

My name is Chet, from Westerville (near Columbus), Ohio. Of course that's in the USA.

Currently I game an Edel putter. I have a couple of Custom Shop Scotty Camerons I sometimes put into the bag instead. 

I completed the PING online fitting and it put me into the FLOKI. 34.5". 

I'd be excited to test a FLOKI. For several reasons. 

    1 - I'm interested to see what kind of feel and feedback the adjustable PING putters provides. I've always suspected that they may feel odd due to the mechanics of the adjustable length. I've tried the sigma line briefly, but not thoroughly enough to conclude what affect the adjustability has on the performance. In truth the Sigma is a little "soft" (read that as mushy) for my taste. 

    2 - I've always felt PING makes great product. Having said that, I've never gamed one of their putters.

    3 - The last couple of putters I've purchased I was custom fit for. I've always believed if you are going to spend a lot on a putter, you may as well get custom fit for it, right? Testing an off the shelf model with the adjustability would be very interesting. 

    4 - I've always preferred a firmer feeling putting, the Ping Sigma's I've tested have always felt a little mushy for my taste. I think the Heppler line would be more up my alley. 

    5 - The Heppler line of putter simply look great. To my eye they are some of the best looking putters on the market. I have two Custom Shop Scotty Cameron Putters which find their way to my bag just because they are really good looking. I have to confess to valuing the appearance of a putter. 

I hope I get the opportunity to test these Heppler Putters if not in as one of the 4 chosen testers than I'll likely test them just for my own knowledge. 

I also look forward to further exploring this forum. 


Edited by Chester3488

I got a bag full of Cobras.... Well, not the putter... yet.

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I would like to test any new ping mallet putter (left handed) and would be happy to return after testing.  It would allow me to try something for a few weeks and compare it to my current Ping  Sigma.

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Anthony, Bay Village, OH


Ping Anser 2i with an insert, bought in 2003.

Interested in trying the Tyne 3. Ping’s virtual fitting recommended the Floki, so open to that. 

Would also try the Anser just for comparison, but feel a mallet is better suited. Looking for more confidence on those putts inside 10 feet, even 5 feet to help with scoring and provide more ease than I maybe get with a blade. 

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Madison/ Ajax, ON/ Canada

Rawlings The Hot Stick Putter RH

Tomcat 14 - Being newer to the sport, my game has developed around the blade putter that came in my set. As my short game has developed I am interested to see what kind of difference a mallet can make. Alignment dots can be beneficial and the combination of slight arc and straight stroke styles claimed by PING suits my stroke. Consistency is my ultimate goal with a new putter and with a more balanced weight and easier to read alignments this putter can serve as the missing piece in my bag.

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Andrew, Long Island, NY

Current putter: Scotty Cameron Futura X7

Interested in Heppler Tyne 3. Have been enjoying the fruits of larger face balanced mallets for a while now and like the fang design. Curious as to how the feel of the new Heppler line compares and how the flow style neck and slight toe hang will fit my stroke.

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  • Ryan, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • Ping Sigma G Kushin, face balanced
  • I would be interested in the Tomcat 14. I had always been a blade player, and the cushion was a step away from that. I would be interested in something that is still face balanced, but the highest MOI is incredibly intriguing to me. I also would love to test the landing strip concept with the dots.

Thanks for the opportunity! Fingers crossed!


Callaway Mavrik - Driver

Titleist TS2 - 4 Wood

Titleist 818 H1 Hybrid

Mizuno JPX 850 Forged Irons

Bettinardi HLX 3.0 54 and Honma TW-W4 58


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thank you for considering me to --------TEST------- PING HEPPLER ANSER 2 PUTTER


James P. discordia





A a mechanical and metallurgical, PING CLUBS ARE WELL DESIGNED AND MADE








HAD THE HONOR TO MEET THE PRESIDENT (the grandson of the Founder)....OF ping GOLF, AT THE PGA SHOW 2019


thank you& kindest regards






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Yes I would like to sample a new Ping Heppler putter:

Jim--High Point--NC--USA

Currently using a Ram Zebra putter.

Like the TYNE-3 model because it has a high MOI and not too big so it would fit in my small carry bag.

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  • Tim, Roseville, CA. USA
  • Taylormade Spider X copper
  • I’d be interested in the Tyne 3. I moved to the Spider X a few months ago and my long putts are significantly more stable; hence, more “on-line” and better distance control . I’d like to try the Tyne 3 for the same reasons. I putted with it at a local shop and was really impressed with the stability on 15 footers.

Reside in Roseville, California


Driver: :srixon-small: ZX-5, Haz Riptide X-stiff

3-Wood: :mizuno-small: ST190 3wd Fuji Atmos X-Stiff

Hybrid: :ping-small: G400 2H 17 Deg, Stock Ping shaft X-stiff

Irons: :mizuno-small: JPX HMP 4-g, Proj X Lz 

Wedge: :titelist-small: SM7 54 deg, 10 bounce, & SM7 58 deg, 8 bounce, DG X100

Wedge: :wilson-small: FG PMP 62 deg, 07 bounce, KBS X-Stiff, 

Flat Stick: :taylormade-small: Spider X, copper 

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Chris / Cambridge Springs, PA / USA
Wilson M1 blade
Anser 2 - I had been using a Top Flite fang and was inconsistent, went back to the M1 and was back to one putting with an occasional two putt. Would love the opportunity to test the higher quality Anser 2 blade.

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using MyGolfSpy mobile app

Driver - :cobra-small:Cobra King F6+ set 9.5 D, Matrix 65M4 Black Tie R-Flex 65g low-mid launch 
Fairway - :cobra-small:Cobra F6 3/4 and 7/8 both R-flex
Irons - Tour Edge Exotics E8 Steel R-flex 4-PW
Wedges - :cleveland-small:Cleveland CBX 50 and 54, and Smart Sole 3 58
Putter - Top Flite Tour Align 5
Rangefinder - Leupold GX-2i3



Driver - Custom Built - Accura SP-700 400cc 10deg 48.5" S-flex

Hybrids - :adams-small:Adams Idea A50s 3 and 4

Irons - :taylormade-small:Taylor Made Burner Oversize 3-PW, lightly used 3 and 4 still in original plastic(auction buy $15 w/bag and several other clubs)

Wedges - Snake Eyes 52 & 56 and Dunlop True Tech Lob 64

Putter - W :wilson-small:ilson Harmonized M1


Set 3

My original set approximately 43 years old and I occasionally take the irons out for a swing

:titelist-small:Titleist Lite 100


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