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Testers Announced (4) PING Heppler Putter


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James Andrews, Bantry, Co Cork, Ireland 

Ping Anser (old type)

Am currently using a blade type putter as my mallet type one was pinched and the blade just isn’t working for me at all. 

I like the look of the Floki putter and the high MOI would help with my wayward swing. 



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  • Jim/ Waverly, Ohio/ USA
  • Bird of prey
  • floki is my choice with #59 grip. The large slight line and multi-material head are interesting to feel the firmer "feel" which normally translates into longer putts which is my failure on most puts. Also would like to take it apart to see how the adjustable length gizmo works./ Just kidding but I am interested

Driver - 44.5" 5.0 flex 10.5 deg Graphite Design XC 6S GP MCC4+ 1 deg closed

Irons - 5-pw, GW stnd length 5.0 flex same grip 1 deg flat. Type low medium offset cavity back, no diggers

Wedges - 56 and 60 tour grind wedge spinner and mcc4+ grip 2 flat 10 and 8 in bounce

Putter - Makefield VS LH

Ball - truvis

Carried in a Sun Mountain C-130 USA bag - BE PROUD.

HC - LH but 85 is a good number, playing in Ohio.

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Jason/Houston, TX/USA

Odyssey Dual Force Rossie I


I like the look of the Heppler Ketsch, specifically the alignment lines.  I am a Ping player; G410 plus, G30 3 and 5 woods, and i200 irons.  I would like to add a ping putter to my bag, but have not liked the traditional Anser style models.  I think these models are a step in a new and exciting direction for Ping.

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  • Chris / New Bern, NC / USA
  • Odyssey O Works 1W
  • Tyne 3 - I have always loved the look of the Tyne, but the Sigma version was too soft.  The Heppler being a little more firm really interests me.

Hit'em straight and not too often!!!

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  • Mitch / Meridian, ID / USA
  • Been playing the same Ping G5i Ally putter since 2008
  • I'm interested in the Piper C putter. Like my current Ping it is a mid mallet, which is my favorite look. Unlike my current Ping it is center-shafted, and I am considering a switch to one because I have liked most of the center-shafted putter I have tried out. Plus the Ping website claims it is more suited for my straight stroke type. 
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Hello and thanks for the opportunity to lend a hand to the cause!

-Darren, San Anselmo, CA 94960, USA

-Ping Anser F (tour issue version with titanium pixel insert) 34”


As you can see from above, I play some pretty old tech which is great but it was never fit for me, and I have always wanted a putter that matched my strong arc.  I did a self fit with the Ping putter app prior to applying for the opportunity to review.  The fact that the Floki helps with a strong arc stroke (I’m also 3 degree preference according to the app) and I’ve always wanted to move to a modern mallet, makes me very curious to see just how much a modern club, shape, for for my stroke could improve my game.  If I’m not a pick, I wish all the other respondents good luck and happy golfing!!




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Baldwin Park CA, United States.

Playing with a Hippo XXL.

I would love to try out the Tyne 3, I don't know how to explain it well but the way it looks like a blade when you stop focusing on the copper and instead on the black looks pretty cool. Wondering if that would help with getting rid of distractions and to focus on the ball and putter position.

Ping G400 SFT

Wilson Optimax 3 Wood and 4 Hybrid

Tommy Armour 845s 5i-9i, PW, AW

Texan 56 and 60 degree Wedges

Kirkland Signature KS1 

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Tom/St Paul/USA

SCOTTY Newport 2.5

Id be interested in the tomcat because is resembles a spider putter. Always wanted to try a putter with that shape and one that I could game for the summer and give my honest opinion

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Timothy in La Habra, CA, USA

I currently use an Evnroll ER8 34"

The Fetch or Tyne 3 would suit me well. I have been looking a long time at the Ketsch but, I can't use a putter on the course that I can't pick a ball up with. 

I don't expect to be picked but I thought I would put it out there anyway. 

Golf is simple - people are complicated.

5w Taylormade SLDR S 19* - 220yd, Ping G2 5-U - 190-105, Maltby M+ 54* & MG 60* - 95-75, Evnroll ER8, Titleist 816 H1 4h 21*, Maltby 4 Hybrid Iron 24* - 210-200, Callaway XR16 8* - 235 carry


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Mill Creek, WA, USA

Current putter- Ping copper blade

I like the Ketsch because it matches my more-or-less straight pendulum swing and I like the single center line in the middle to match up with the line I see. I also like this putter because it gives off a good vibe without being “Showy.” 


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  • Mike/St. Catharines, ON/ Canada
  • Wilson 8802
  • Tyne 3 - looking for more forgiveness while staying within the blade category or Piper C - interested in trying an intro mallet style putter that is centre shafted/face banced to aid with the stroke

Ping G410 LST 10 degree Evenflow X-stiff

Ping G410 SFT 16.5 degree Evenflow Stiff

Ping G410 Crossover 3 20 degree DG S300

Ben Hogan Ft Worth 15 24-48 DG S300 4 degree increments

Titleist Vokey SM4 52-56-60

Wilson 8802

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