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Any noticeable difference when putting with different golf balls? Added responses from Manufacturers


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On 9/16/2020 at 2:00 PM, BIG STU said:

I will throw my hat into the ring so to speak. This subject like golf can be subjective. A lot depends on the type of putter as in insert or non insert. A lot of it depends on a players feel. In my case I putt with older putters mostly designed in the days of Balata. I am also a feel and instinctive putter. For me the best feel off a non insert putter is the Cally Super Soft or the Srixon Soft Feel. Like others have said the Wilson Do Over seems clicky off of any putter. Pro V I can putt with but have to adjust the same with Vice and Snell. Right now because we have either won or placed in Dog Fights I have an abundance of Soft Feels and Super Softs. Now last week I ended up with a dozen Q Star Tours and have yet to try them. I am going to wait until I am  able to swing well again before trying them.  But in a nutshell different balls react differently with different putters and different folks

I agree that the answer is likely more subjective than objective. I would suspect that any noticeable difference would be a result more of the swing or the putter rather than the ball.

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I agree with you on inserts, face thickness, and milling patterns will influence ball speed off the face and that a ball will react and feel different when switching putters.  I interpreted the origin

Just pick one ball and stay with it so you get used to how it reacts.  It should be the one you get the best results with when chipping, pitching, approaches and distance off the tee.   I cringe

asking for variables in golf balls coming off your putter is kind of a moot point when you’re playing balls you find on the course.  even proV1 vs proV1 you have no idea how old the ball you foun

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