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What is a club you regret selling/wish you still had?

Cory O

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Adams RPM Low Profile 4 wood. Didn't sell it, it just broke on me one day. Was the only fairway wood I've ever been able to hit reasonably well. 

Driver: Srixon Z565, Miyazaki Kaula Mizu
3 Wood: Snake Eyes Viper Tour, Aldila NV
Hybrids: Snake Eyes Viper Tour 18 and 24 deg, Aldila NV
Irons: Srixon I-701 5-PW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120
Wedges: Callaway X-Forged 50, 54, and 58, Nippon Modus3 Wedge 115
Putter: Yes! Marilyn

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Hope this is allowed as couldn’t pick one club, but I do regret not holding onto my original set of Ping Eye 2s

:tour-edge: C721 9.5 Project X Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX
:tour-edge: CBX119 15 Fujikura Pro 2.0
:tour-edge: CBX119 18 Project X Hzrdus Black
:tour-edge:EXS220 22 Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black
:tour-edge: EXS Pro Forged 5-PW True Temper Elevate Tour VSS Pro Stiff
:ping-small: Glide 3.0 50/SS True Temper Elevate Tour VSS Pro Stiff
:ping-small: Glide 3.0 54/Eye 2 True Temper Elevate Tour VSS Pro Stiff
:ping-small: Glide 3.0 58/Eye 2 True Temper Elevate Tour VSS Pro Stiff
:EVNROLL: ER1 (Blackout) with Gravity Grip
:titelist-small: Pro V1x

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I would have to say that I miss my 905 Titleist driver.  Other than that… not any others.


  Nike Vapor Fly driver 

  Nike Covert Tour 3Wood

  Titleist 913 5Wood

  Titleist 915 7Wood

  Mizuno MP-64 4i-PW

  Mizuno T-4 50 and 54 Wedges

  Callaway Mack Daddy forged 58

  Odyssey Stroke Labs Double Wide


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Oh, I gamed a set of 80’s Taylor made tour preferred musclebacks.  Beautiful clubs that I wish I still had.  

Family, old cars or bikes and GOLF

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Scotty Black Oxide 009 Newport 350g.  I sold it over 10 years ago and regret it to this day.

 :titelist-small: Linksmaster bag or MacKenzie golf baggolf bag:

:titelist-small: TSi2 11° Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6 stiff A1 setting Tour Velvet grip

:titelist-small:   TSi2 16.5°and 21° Graphite Design Tour AD DI-7 stiff A1 setting Tour Velvet grip

:titelist-small:  T200 Utility Build 22° Graphite Design Tour AD 85 HY stiff 1.5° flat Tour Velvet grip

:titelist-small:  2021 T200 5-W (48°) Nippon Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 stiff 1.5° flat Tour Velvet grip 

:vokey-small:  SM9 52.12F and 58.10S Nippon Pro Modus 3 Tour 120 stiff 1° flat Tour Velvet grip

Scotty Cameron   2020 Special Select Newport 34" 350g

 ArccosSig.jpg.ebcfd079607adabd46a71d6125ee2ab6.jpg P3 sensor and caddy smart grips

:titelist-small:  ProV1x

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Cobra King Ltd. Driver

TXG Custom Cobra F9 9.5*,  Accra 140 M2 

TXG Custom Cobra F9 14.5* , Accra 140 M2 

TXG Custom Cobra King Ltd. Black 5-wood. 17.5*, Accra 140 M2 

TXG Custom T. Made SIM Max 7-wood 21*, Accra 140 M2 

TXG Custom Mizuno CLK 23*, Tensei Red CK 60 R

TXG Custom Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal 6-PW, +1/2", 1* upright, UST Recoil  F3 soft stepped once 

TXG Custom Mizuno T20, 50/07, 56/10, 60/07, Nippon 950H Neo

TXG Custom PXG Bandon 34.5"

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Callaway Big Bertha War Bird Deuce.

Certified Club Fitter.

Ping G425 Max Driver 10.5° w/Diamona S+ LTD Blue-Board 70 R Flex

Ping G410 5 Fairway Wood Mitsubishi Tensi Orange R Flex

Ping G410 4-5-6 Hybrids Mitsubishi Tensi Blue R Flex

Ping i500 Irons 5-U w/Recoil SmacWrap F3 Flex (power-spec lofts)

Ping 3.0 Eye2 Glide Wedges 54°-58° w/Recoil SmacWrap F3 Flex

2021 Ping Fetch Putter

PING Pioneer Cart Bag

Lamkin Sonar+ Mid-Size Grips

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The one club I regret selling the most was a Callaway X hot 2 Pro strong 3 wood. It seems I just had to have a new 3 wood and I sold my go to club basically on a whim. I have regretted that ever since.


Driver - Callaway BB Alpha 9* Kuro Kage 50g. Reg. Shaft - 45"

3 Wood - Callaway X-Hot 3 Deep Pro 14.5* Project X 5.5

5 Wood - Callaway XR 19* Project X 5.5

3 - 5 Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Hybrids 18*, 22*, & 25* w/ AeroTech i80 SteelFiber Reg. Shaft

6 - PW - Callaway Apex w/ AeroTech i80 SteelFiber Reg. Shaft - Standard length & lofts 

GW, SW & LW - Hogan TK - 49*, 54* & 58* - KBS fst - Wedge flex

Putter - Ping - Mid Ketsch Heavy - 33"

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Callaway Fuion irons.......they were absolutely accurate!

Traded them for the Fusion wide soles, then sold them to my Buddy 2 months later.  My Buddy still plays them.

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Driver: PXG 0211 w/Evenflo Riptide CB Regular shaft

Fairways:  PXG 0211 5W & 7W w/ Evenflo Riptide CB  regular shaft and Tour Edge E521 9W w/Fubuki HD50 regular shaft

Hybrid: Ben Hogan VKTR 3 Hybrid(18*)w/Recoil ES regular shaft

Irons: Ben Hogan Ptx 5-PW w/Recoil 660 Regular graphite shafts; soon to be Titleist T300

Wedges: Ben Hogan Tkt-15 (49*/53*/57*) w/Recoil 660 Regular shafts 

Putter: 33”  Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip 

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black). 

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG & Titleist Pro V1x.

Using Shot Scope V3 and MG4000 Rangefinder

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My G30 19* hybrid. I've got  410 22* and 26* hybrids in the bag and just need the extra distance that my 19* gave me. 

Left Hand orientation

:taylormade-small:SIM 2 D Max with Fujikura Air Speeder Shaft 

Cobra King F-9  5 wood
:ping-small:  410  Hybrids 22*, 26*

Cobra Speed Zone 6-GP/Recoil ESX 460 F3 Shafts 

:titelist-small: SM7 54* Wedge

:ping-small: Glide 3.0  60* Wedge

:odyssey-small: O Works putter

:CaddyTek: - 4 Wheel 
:footjoy-small: - too many shoes to list and so many to buy

:1590477705_SunMountain: And  BAG Boy

Golf Balls: Snell MTB-X  And Vice Pro Plus 

2020 Official Tester :SuperSpeed: Beginning Driver Speed  - 78

2019 Official Tester :ping-small:  410 Driver

2018 Official Tester :wilson-small: C300

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4 hours ago, GolfSpy MPR said:

Bumping an old (but evergreen) topic, because I was just thinking about this today.

Traded in a Taylormade M4 3HL 16.5° fairway wood last year (to help cover the cost of Kirke's set of US Kids TS clubs). Trading it in adds insult to injury, because when you look at what it would cost to buy it back, it's really hard to stomach.

You really ignited this string!  It's funny that I've thought of these stories before and how I have spares bags (yes that is plural) because of not wanting to part with a club that may yet work for me again... or not.  

I do have one club I won, a TaylorMade M3 3 wood that one of my playing partners has asked about on many occasions.  It actually is a heavy club for me and I am just looking for the opportunity to pass it along to him.  And maybe that is the difference for what I am intending that would make this not really appropriate for this thread as since he is a good long time friend and playing partner it would be difficult for me to accept currency for a club that was received as a prize.  

But it is the not wanting to regret that is holding me back 😅

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Verified Hack, 23 handicap 🙂  Golfing for exercise and peace of mind.

|> Big Dogs: First StrikeTM Rattlesnake (10.5),  Ginty Trouble Club (29)

|> Blades: First StrikeTM DeliveranceTM 3(20) 4(23) 5(26) 6(29) 7(33) 8(37) 9(41) P(45)  |> Wedges: Worx (55) 636692430_worx30.png.0a353d81efc141276fcad4aac6d519f4.png 

|> Flatsticks: Pinemeadow Z-ON M1 (3), testing L.A.B. Golf DF 2.1    ⛳ 934372551_The-Club-Buddy-Rev-1-0120h.jpg.2e06db61797bee31ed27f49a3b801098.jpg 517658623_DrizzleStickLogo25.jpg.2d0acde35cce050d2a56a647437d1cfe.jpg  1944240139_ZeroFrictionLogo25.jpg.8c7f11d619e7390fdb8ccdfac6479d58.jpg

⛳.  :1590477705_SunMountain:C130 Supercharged 🌲  :Clicgear:3.5+  🌳   1435280570_COBALTicon25tall.jpg.31b6f5458d409c6539d66b88e728a841.jpgQ6 Slope   🏌️‍♂️  572101405_SwingUicon25.jpg.ef5d6308ca59444daedc3e24214e87d9.jpgSwingU Looper  

💻  1308581734_EPLogoxsm.jpg.93b58a256c00a74e47a35314305b477f.jpgMGS Logo  🌐  1590215503_dghLogo30.jpg.f5abb718a74e4d05c07131656bb13e78.jpgBall mark   |>   IGBRC   [International Golf Ball Rescue Committee] -Founder-

1231925043_PGAHOPE_H_4Ch30.png.f5b3c2e4a88708f6a6b5d3e143d9cba8.png PGA HOPE Graduate Member     2138091835_StickHackLogo2021(3)20pixelstall.png.47a28d11828bd99f0147b9eee5c17ec4.png "The World's Greatest Golf Club Without The Course" Member #334 

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2022 Official Tester - L.A.B.Putters  1578345221_L.A.B.Golflogo30.jpg.0cb89de95b28f0ebddcff53b59a16f08.jpg

It's all lies I tell you, everywhere the golf ball comes to rest!

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Hind site is always 20x20 but in this case I was not only BLIND but Stupid as well...I had a SCOTT CAMERON handmade 8802 type putter and gave it up...it had a long weld from heel to toe on the back above the flange..to give it more weight I guess....it was in pristine condition...I can't even remember why I didn't hold on to it...old age will do that to you..oh well...someone out there has it now...close to that I gave up a Designed by Palmer that I took to the Senior Event at Kings Island and had Arnold sign the face for me on the 18 green...the last of the true gentlemen...sent that off into the world as well...not some of my finest moments !!!!!

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