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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! BirdieBall Putting Mat


(6) TESTERS WANTED BirdieBall Putting Mat  

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  1. 1. Where do you practice your putting?

    • I don't
    • Carpet
    • Putting Green at the course
    • Turf Setup

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Zachary Dosch Bismarck, ND

I usually putt on the carpet in my basement but I have tried several different mats including building my own wood frame putting green at one point. 

I would go with the medium or slow speed to mimic the typical conditions in which I play. 

Thanks for the opportunity!

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John - Kissimmee FL

I practice indoors and out as often as possible using a few drills and a couple great tools. 

I’ve used mats in the pst with some being very good, replicating real conditions. Have not seen many like that but always looking to try something new. 

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Johnny Pittsburgh PA.

Have a putting green setup in my basement made from green outdoor carpet. I use this everyday. It's only 6 x7 foot but for the most part it's better than nothing.

I would definitely like to test this product out! Medium speed works for me!


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  1. Ron , NorthSydney, NS, Canada
  2. Cuurently putt all winter on the carpet in the basement .. spend some time at the local course practice green in the summer.
  3. I used to have a Putt-A-Bout Par three Putting Green from Habit  .. passed in on to my grandson last year.
  4. I'd prefer the slow speed as it is the closest to the speed of greens on the courses I play.

It's a long winter here so lots of time to practice putting. I would gladly take the time to write a review. Thank you.

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  1. Mike, Tulsa OK
  2. Outside when I can some good days to play
  3. Cheap 8 footer with an incline on the patio that has seen better days and honestly no much variety I got that stroke down on that baby
  4. 10-11 on the stimp, play munis and semi private courses

Checked out birdieballs from the review from a couple of weeks ago and close to pulling the trigger.  I have a couple others loaded on the wishlist in Amazon probably going to wait until winter sets in.  Dream would be to have a putting green in the backyard, talking about a wish list!!

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Patrick from San Diego.

I generally get opportunities to work at a few facilities on putting with variance in speed from 10 to 13 on a stimp meter. Have used mats minimally but looking to add one to my home. I would like to try the fastest option BirdieBall has. Thank you for reaching out we love your content.

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  1. Derek -  West Seneca, NY
  2. I use my carpets in the house at home or if traveling the carpet in the hotel room, much better thing to do while waiting for the wife to do whatever than anything else I can think of.
  3. Not my own putting mat but used others though not in recent years.  Similar to carpet but having a cup to drop into instead of laying on top is a plus.
  4. The Medium speed green is the one I would like to test because with the change of seasons the greens can be anything from Slow and Fast and everything in between, so in between makes the most sense.

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Allan, Huntley, IL

i use the office carpeting

i've never had a putting mat before

i’d be interested in the medium speed putting mat. 


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Max Harmon, Dallas Tx

i practice on my living room rug with candle lids as the cup

i have no experience with any indoor putting Mats 

I would like to test either medium or fast (greens I normally play fluctuate from 10-12.5)



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Bobby / Winchester MA (just North of Boston)

Carpet/Matt with a PuttOut

Just a little (mostly in-stores)

Slow or Medium - I play mostly muni courses but some friends have better memberships than me!!

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Louis, Anacortes, WA

I don't typically practice in the winter, its pretty wet. A putting mat would be nice. 

Ive only used an old putting mat that was turf material. Didnt work very well. 

Medium speed in any hole config. 

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Sachin Singh

Cleveland, Ohio

I practice with a turf setup in my basement.

My old putting mat served it’s purpose as I was beginning golf, but I would like something more realistic now that my skills are more refined.

I would like to test the fast green in preferably one of the largest sizes, as I focus on speed drills with short, and long, distance putts.


Sachin Singh

Cleveland Ohio

Highschool Golfer @University School

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Living Michigan sucks because there’s only a select amount of time to golf and practice outside. My carpets are not suitable to practice leaving me to practice on wood floors. I wanna get my 2 practiced perfectly.

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  1. Ryan - Bloomingdale, IL
  2. Practice on carpet or fake grass style mats
  3. Used one of the really cheap old school fake grass putting ramps & recently tried varispeed putting carpet.
  4. Medium speed
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Alfred - Dayton, OH

That's the problem, I don't keep it sharp! And I haven't found a good indoor putting mat that I feel helps. So, a little on some carpeting, but that is it. Oh, and my putting has been suffering because of it!

Long ago, I had one of those really slick and long roll-up pieces of putting mats that had an automatic returner, but it was no more than a gimmick. I am coming back from the 'unmentionables', so really need the help!

Medium speed. Although I mostly play on public courses, I do feel I need more practice on slightly faster surfaces.

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  1. Jorge, Santa Rosa CA
  2. I try and practice in our garage setting up drills. 
  3. I had bought the skillz putting mat, after a while it didn’t roll true and got all bunched up. 
  4. I would like a medium speed mat 

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