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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! BirdieBall Putting Mat


(6) TESTERS WANTED BirdieBall Putting Mat  

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  1. 1. Where do you practice your putting?

    • I don't
    • Carpet
    • Putting Green at the course
    • Turf Setup

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1. Greg, Linden, MI

2. I use an inexpensive 8' putting mat on my basement floor. Not that good, but better than carpet.

3. Other than the hard flat floor at Dick's or Golf Galaxy, just the mat mentioned above.

4. I would prefer the medium speed mat as the courses I play tend to vary green speed (most medium to slightly fast, a couple pretty slow).


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  1. Hi   Rob here in NJ  
  2. I go to the golf course when weather permits to practice on real greens in the winter
  3. I have tried several putting mats over the years but none of them felt like real grass
  4. I would like to test the medium speed mat
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  1. Nate - Minneapolis, MN
  2. Generally, I practice at home on both carpet and laminate flooring. Occasionally I will go to a simulator facility and practice on the putting area there if they have one.  
  3. I've had one of those mats that have a little ramp and roll up, but when you unroll them there's always a little crease in the mat that kicks the ball offline and it very quickly gets frustrating. 
  4. Since I really only play public courses I'd like to test the Slow (9-10 Stimpmeter) green. 

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  1. First Name and Location:  John--Clayton, NC USA
  2. How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter?  A little practice at the course green but mainly just putting on my hardwood floors which doesn't give me good reads or true roll at all :(
  3. Current/Past Experience with putting mats--they have crinkled up in the past or the carpet just gets loose and has been....bad to say the least.  Not good experience translating it to the course.
  4. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test--Medium  10-11...Im right on the verge of Championship but most courses I play around here are medium and this would translate better to feel on the mat vs feel on the course.
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  1. Jason Cleveland OH
  2. Mostly just swing drills, but occasionally the kitchen floor is used
  3. Never bought one, but have been looking at BirdieBall a lot recently
  4. Championship would be nice to try out. I have recently starting playing in some AM tournaments so it would be nice to have something quicker to practice on in the winter
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  1. Ryan Palm, Erie, PA
  2. At an indoor golf facility that has practice green - but have been eyeing a putting mat for 2+ years.
  3. No experience on these types of mats.
  4. I would not be very picky as to the model - but the 4x12 size looks great to me! I also have a 6 year old who has the golf bug, and he would love to be able to hit putts all winter when we have ~100 inches of snow throughout the winter here!
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Andrew, Raleigh, NC

During the winter months, I can putt indoors on a PuttView system at an indoor golf facility near me, or I can putt outdoors if it's warm enough. 

Have tried, practiced on and owned several different variations, but none mimic that of a real green. 

Medium speed would be the one I would like to test. 

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Dan, Pebble Beach CA

I have a wellputt 10ft May in the garage with the puttout mirror, gates and putting trainer - really good for grooving a consistent stroke, but a bit boring!

The medium speed would be a great fit for where I usually play.

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1. Zach, Rio Rancho NM (just moved from Colorado) 

2. PuttOut Matt while watching YouTube Vids and ExPutt (has been extremely fun and keeps interest)

3. Decent for what it is. Grooves and lack of distance options can get boring. Like the ability to stand up in the office and roll a few. 

4. Medium 10-11

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Houston, Texas

I grew up on hole 15 in a small golf community in northeast Houston. I've been playing golf since I could swing a club and I'm still a 6 HC at 28 years old. Have thought about giving it up many times, but that birdie on 18 last round has me thinking I may have something figured out. I practice putting about 3-5 hours a week and still manage 30+ putts a round. Golf is hard. 

I own the full putt out set up. The mat is garbage in my opinion. After a dozen or two putts, the ball wears a track in the carpet. How am I supposed to know if I am wiping putts (a la Riggs) if the ball is following a track it has worn in the mat? I also own the generic, 3 hole, hourglass shaped amazon special, but I believe that mat does more harm than good to my alignment. The hourglass shape doesn't seem to fit my eye. 

I believe I could provide valuable feedback to MGS on the birdie ball mat in a way that minimizes work required on your end to relay my feedback to the average MGS reader. I mean, who really wants to read a review that is a paragraph long run-on sentence? I'd love to test the medium speed mat for you guys, and admittedly, myself. 

I've been a devout follower, and take your equipment recommendations as liturgy, for better or worse. Also, stand with you guys against the legion of influencers pushing garbage products (*cough* AMP CADDY *cough*) while accusing you guys of pay to play. It's as clear as day you are speaking truth when reviews get the reaction that the Amp Caddy review conjured.

Thanks for the consideration! 

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Tim, Sacramento 

Occasionally go to local course, we golf all year here, but not as often as I’d like. I like to use my Pelz Putting Tutor on the carpet.

I’ve only had limited experience with putting mats. Mostly the 8’ auto return type. 

I’d like the medium speed with cups on the down grain side.  My garage awaits!

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TM RBZ Stage 2 Tour 3W

TM Rescue 11 4H

TM RBladez Tour, KNS C-Taper 120

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Heavy Putter “bullseye” blade

play fast, 70 in 70 minutes is my best.

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Matt peoria illinois

i practice at a course in area until the course closes for winter then I just wait it out till Spring. 

I have not looked at other mats because most required a hard surface and house was carpeted. Now I have some hardwood floors 

medium speed would be golden as I play mostly municipal course. 

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Most of the time I’m putting in the house on carpet. But when the weather is nice enough, I take my son to the nearest course to practice all aspects of the game. This would definitely get a ton of usage in my garage with both of us trying to improve. Fingers crossed 

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1) Ryan in Bozeman, MT

2) Putting on carpet (just got a mat, also travel over winter)

3) Just purchased one, only used for last couple weeks, not overly impressed so far.

4) Medium - 10 - 11 Stimpmeter - Private Course


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Garen Eggleston Ohio/Florida 

when in Ohio I would putt on family room carpet or roll out the basic practice putting green I received for Christ a few years ago , while oh Florida home putt at CC practice green that’s dormant and terrible 

I gave a cheap lousy practice mat that’s worthless 

I would prefer one that’s 9-10 in Stimp 

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