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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! BirdieBall Putting Mat


(6) TESTERS WANTED BirdieBall Putting Mat  

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  1. 1. Where do you practice your putting?

    • I don't
    • Carpet
    • Putting Green at the course
    • Turf Setup

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1. Shane, The Woodlands, Texas

2. I have an 11' putting mat from Odyssey that my wife gave me for Christmas six years ago. I marked some alignment lines on it with a silver sharpie that help with setup and initial ball direction. 

3. This is the only putting matt I've owned and judging by how quickly my wife wants to add to the family, it will be my last. 

4. Medium speed. 


Cobra Connect 5 Competitor - Team Chad

  • :cobra-small: King Radspeed 10.5* w/ Hzrdus RDX Blue 60 6.5 tipped 1/2" - Peacoat/Red
  • :cobra-small: King Radspeed Big Tour 3 Wood w/ Hzrdus RDX Blue 70 6.5 Tipped 1/2"
  • :cobra-small: King Radspeed Tour 5 Wood w/ Motore X F1 70 X Flex 
  • :cobra-small: King Utility 4 21* w/ Tensei Pro White 100 X Flex
  • :cobra-small: King Tour MIM Copper Irons 5-G w/ AMT White X100 Onyx
  • :cobra-small: King MIM Black Wedges 55* & 60* w/ AMT White X100 Onyx
  • :taylormade-small: Spider SR
  • :titelist-small: Pro V1x Left Dash
  • Lefty
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  1. Barry, Herndon, VA. 
  2. I putt around in my basement area. 
  3. I actually bought a PuttOut mat after getting a PuttOut trainer for Christmas and I use it a few times a week. It's ok. 
  4. The Medium 10-11 stimpmeter


:cobra-small: RADSPEED Driver 9* HZRD BLUE SMOKE 6.0 shaft

:ping-small: G425 MAX 3 wood 

:srixon-small: 5 wood

:titelist-small: H1 Hybrid


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  1. First Name and Location: Scott - Fremont, CA
  2. How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? I putt inside on the carpet or take strokes without a ball. 
  3. Current/Past Experience with putting mats. Not great. They tend to bunch up and not be consistent for speed. 
  4. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test. Medium 10-11 Stimp. 
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Tim — Michigan

Winter practice on hall carpet with automatic ball return (my 12-year old Husky/Shepherd)

Have never owned putting matt

Medium speed


Driver:  Ping G425 Max (10.5º; Regular )

Fwy:  Cobra King SZ (3; Regular); Ping G410 (5; Regular)

Hybrids: Ping G410 (22º and 26º; Regular)

Irons: Ping G410 (6-U)

Wedges: Ping Glide 3.0 (54º/12º), and Ping Glide 3.0 Eye2 (58º/8º)

Putter:  Ping Karsten Anser X

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Skyler, Bellevue WA

In the winter, I go to my local golf course on the weekends and stay at home on my mat on the weekdays.

I have owned various putting mats over the past years from 3 different brands. Some better than carpet others are not as well made.

The tournaments I play in usually have 10-13 stimp greens so fast. Holes into and down grain please.


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  1. Jose, broadcasting from Hyattsville, MD.
  2. I just resumed playing after a 14 year hiatus (I am 34). I used to just practice at the course. Now I bought a putting matt and puttout to practice at home.
  3. Bought a Puttout mat and a Champkey mat. Tried them both. Found no difference and stuck to the 10 feet Champkey one. It's practice, but it does not take much to realize that it is definitely not the same feel as a green, even if perfectly flat on a hard surface. I am intrigued by birdieball's claim!
  4. I am a muni kinda guy, so medium speed will work just fine for me. Thanks!
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Henri, Miami, Florida

There is no winter break in South Florida. When I’m not playing I practice on an indoor mat

i currently have a 10 foot mat I purchased at Target
I would like to try the 9-10 Public course speed 

Retired school administrator 

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James- Quantico,Va
I use the upstairs carpet in my house. It is pretty wore down so it is fairly fast.

I had a Callaway Putting green from Target, but I did not think it was very realistic

I think the medium speed would be the green I would like to use. That way if the course is fast or slow, I should be able to adjust easily.

Rule 17b- laugh at the bad shots.

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I practice putting constantly, on a home device and at the course.  I would say I am one of the most knowledgable golfers in the world, having been a devotee of the game for over 60 years, since I was 8 years old.  Please see my golfing website, TravelingChicagoGolfer.com !!!!

Very interested in helping you with this.

Gary Benson


PS:  Hope you appreciate my humor in parts of this response!!


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Donald / Los Angeles, CA

On carpet mostly nowadays, but some courses outside of the city have the greens open. I used to only go to the greens though because of the variety of shots I can attempt.

I have some experience with a friends turf mat, but it didn't feel realistic and gets boring.

I'd be willing to test the slow or the medium speed setups. I play a mix of course in and out of the city with slower and faster greens. I think I have an accurate gauge for what each speed feels like.

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Len - Stanleytown, Va

No way I keep my putting sharp during the winter without a practice routine which I do not currently have

My previous putting mats have been what ever carpet I choose to attempt to practice on

If I were buying and I will it will be the Ultimate Putting Package, 4'x10', medium speed.

Thanks for the opportunity

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1: Dylan - Phoenix, AZ

2: I am originally from Wisconsin, I have had a lot of experience on indoor putting matts. I built my own platform putting green with my dad and we put it in our basement. It turned out great. In the winter I spent hours down there.

3: I’ve tried Big Moss, Astro turf, etc.

4. Medium of Fast

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Bret Van Riessen

Sioux Center, IA

During winter I use an indoor mat. I've never had a high quality mat. But it's better than nothing. But I would really like to have a new quality mat to get a better feel and practice session. I also use the hole out device where the ball has to go up a ramp and stay in the hole. It's definitely challenging but helps work on your speed. 


I'd like to try the fast birdieball putting green as that is typically what my home course greens run at. 


Thanks for the opportunity! 

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Vance / Marietta, GA

I keep my putting somewhat sharp in the winter with the basic putting mat I currently have. 

I agree putting mats don’t replicate real greens but I mainly work on my stroke when putting on mats. 

Medium - 10 - 11 Stimpmeter - Private Course

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Jarrod from Madison, MS

Putt on carpet, hardwood flooring, ceramic tile makes the speed and roll very interesting

Too much fun with the flooring options to have needed one

Any!  Got to be able to putt on all speeds, right?

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Titleist 909D2

Titleist 909F2

Titleist 909H2

Titleist AP2

Titlest Vokey Spin Milled 52 &60

Taylormade Maranello 81 Ghost

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