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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! BirdieBall Putting Mat


(6) TESTERS WANTED BirdieBall Putting Mat  

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  1. 1. Where do you practice your putting?

    • I don't
    • Carpet
    • Putting Green at the course
    • Turf Setup

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  1. Name, location: Tom, Frankenmuth, MI
  2. How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? During the long, cold winter last year here in Michigan, I practiced with the PuttOUT practice tool. Unfortunately, I only had basement textured carpeting to putt across, so the conditions were not the best.
  3. Current/Past Experience with putting mats: In the past I have used a Crane putting mat with ball return but the long carpet strip has permanent folds in it and does not lie completely flat. It is only good for practicing short 3-footers. I mainly use it now to introduce my grand-kids to putting.
  4. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test: The 3 courses around town are so different, it is probably best to practice on the mat that mimics the faster greens, so that's the Medium green speed model.
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Kyle Columbus Ohio

I putt around with my 3 year old son throughout the house on the floor.

I haven't used a putting mat in a while because they are either too cheap and scrunch up or they are too pricey for my liking and probably won't help my terrible putting anyways.

I'm used to playing on fast greens so I would like to test out the fast mat if given the opportunity.



Long Driver, Can't Putt

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Mark   Redmond Oregon

Practice on a lousy carpet and put accordingly.  I desperately need this!   🙂

I use to have a mat with a return I put at the end of it.  Only about 8 feet and always putting irregularly.

I would like a fast surface and any cup configuration would be fine.

Thanks for this opportunity and your consideration,


TaylorMade Sim2 driver, P790 irons, Titleist Pro V1 left dash and Odyssey Toulon Portland Putter.

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Frank from Orlando, FL

Winter is golf season for me, but putting on a mat in summer would be super beneficial.

I have not used a mat outside of the PGA Superstore near me.

I would test any, but championship speed would be my first choice. 

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  1. First Name and Location: Eric, Minneapolis, MN
  2. How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter?: I have a 10 ft roll up mat, the accelerator.
  3. Current/Past Experience with putting mats; just the accelerator, gets boring hitting straight putts 3-9 ft, lots of alignment built in.
  4. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test: classic depth,   4w x 20l, slow greens, 2 cups A & 1 cup w/ U bumpers.
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  1. Steve, Supply NC
  2. During the winter I can still go to the putting green( Mild winters in Southeast NC)  at the Course. But in the house on a tight carpet otherwise
  3. Never had a full length putting mat
  4. Med- Fast green speed
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  1. Kyle / San Francisco, CA
  2. I putt on a workout mat at home and go to the range/course to use the practice greens.
  3. I had a practice putting mat that came with an adjustable ramp with the cup at the end, but I don’t remember the name of it.
  4. Medium Speed


Swing is in progress 🙂

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Christian Rouillard,  Sherbrooke,  Qc, Canada

I practice on the floor and also on my putting mat during winter and on the practice green during summer.

I have a very cheap putting mat of about 1.5' x 8' with 2 holes and a small climb

I'd like to try the classic slow (9-10) and it cannot be more than 3' x 12'

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1. Paul, Burley, ID

2. Practice wherever I can. Snow and cold make outdoor practice nearly impossible during winter.

3. I have a 12' putting track, currently in my office. It's become rather stale - same putt thousands of times. 😉

4. Been a BirdieBall guy since we used them in my college golf class 12 years ago! For this application, I'd go with medium speed.

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  • Christopher, Melba, Idaho
  • Currently use a PuttOut mat and Pressure Putt Trainer.  Not a fan of the mat because it wore grooves almost immediately but love the Pressure Putt Trainer.
  • I have only owned/tried the PuttOut mat and don't like it.
  • Medium speed please, and thank you 🙂
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Kyle, Boston MA

Practice on carpet that is not overly helpful. A mat would be a huge help.

I have never owned a putting mat.

I would love to own the championship course green. Practicing on a fast green is something I dont often get to experience. The few times I play somewhere with fast greens, I get exposed as most of my practice is on significantly slower surfaces.

**The birdie ball seems like an awesome product.  Might have to buy a pack for my dad so he can hit them in the backyard.

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My parents have a nice putting green at their house so I practice there when I visit. I practice at the range 2-3 times a month when I can get a round in or visit the range. Occasionally I'll put around my house on the hardwood when I'm bored.   


I've owned a few putting mats over the years but they were never very good so I tossed them. I like the little machine that's like just a hole but shoots the ball back to you.b


I prefer fast greens, they're more challenging. 

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  1. Pureum | Vancouver, BC Canada
  2. I have just been putting on carpet and focusing on the stroke and less the roll of the ball. But wish I could make the change to a real mat and see if it makes a difference.
  3. I used to work at a golf store with a really hard and fast green, and have experience on many common versions of a putting mat at various places. 
  4. Fast speed.
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