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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! BirdieBall Putting Mat


(6) TESTERS WANTED BirdieBall Putting Mat  

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  1. 1. Where do you practice your putting?

    • I don't
    • Carpet
    • Putting Green at the course
    • Turf Setup

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Arte Krasniqi, NYC

I practice on turf also with PuttOut. I never had a mat indoors was Interested in setting one up at home.  
The mat I am interested in is BirdieBall PuttUp (2 in 1 Putting Mat - Return Ramp w/ Long Putt Feedback or Flat)
I look forward to sending out my feedback and to test out any new and upcoming putting equipment and accessories that will improve the short game. I will be using a Bettinardi 2003 Baby Ben putter. 

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1. Patrick, Houston, TX

2. Because I live in the south, I am able to continue practicing and playing outside even in the winter. It definitely gets cold at times, but I continue to grind it out even in the bad weather.
3. I have owned just one putting mat. It was a 10 foot artificial putting mat with a ramp at the end so it drops into a hole and returns back to me. I’m not a huge fan of this design because you can’t practice any putts that die over the front edge. Over time the edges of the mat curled and the ball would wobble on and off line. I used the mat for about 6 months from January through June, but now I don’t use the mat anymore because I couldn’t get a true and consistent role on the ball. 
4. Medium 10-11 stimp reading because it will emulate the course I play most.

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Jerry of Wasilla,Alaska

I keep sharp through the winter by practicing on a putting matt that I have glued down to plywood so that it will lay flat, or I putt on the carpet since we are in winter for over 5 months! Plus I practice using the PuttOUT training aid.

My current experience with the putting matt that I use is that it is way to fast and not consistent to the speeds of the courses in our area, so It's hard to get any real good practice out of it. In the past I have had other putting matts but all of them have been to fast and not very good quality. 

I am looking at the medium speed birdieball matt and would love to try it out.


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ScottG147 Rock Hill, SC

I practice primarily at the golf course. To date I haven’t found a suitable putting  mat that lives up to true to life course conditions. That being said I’m always willing to try new innovative products and provide my unbiased opinion. 

Thank You, Scott G. 


Avid golfer, hunter, fishing, Billiards player and sports enthusiast...

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  1. Ryan, Arvada, CO
  2. Using my Putt Out mat and putt out perfect putt "hole" 
  3. Just the putt out, it seems to work well, but does seem to get an occasional "groove" 
  4. 4' x 10' Standard Putting Mat Package
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Clayton Van Sickle, McHenry Illinois 

I practice for 15 minutes or so on the putting green before a round. When I go to the driving range I'll spend 30 minutes or so doing drills on the green. 

Don't currently have a mat, used to use one at my uncles in his office. 

Medium speed.


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Clay, Newport Beach, CA formerly Tucson, AZ

When playing 18 or at a practice green

N/A other than the throwback uphill, one hole that kicks it back to you if you make it. Never personally owned one

Medium speed. Love the idea of one direction faster roll, other direction slower roll


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1. Chase, Jasper, Alabama. 

2.  I keep my putting sharp through the winter by using my college golf teams indoor putting room. It’s pretty small but really helps us during the winter. 

3. I also have a lot of experience using putting mats as I use it quite regularly whether or not it is during the winter or summer. I think it helps me focus more on my stroke and less on break.

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Matthew. Tucson, AZ

opposite of the winter the summers are brutal here. Have sun up to maybe 10 am before its just too hot to be out practicing and then you have a couple of hours as the sun goes down where its bearable enough to go back out to the course. Middle of the day leaves you stuck inside or in a pool keeping cool. Really like practicing with the PuttOut pressure putt inside the house.

I have tried every putting green imaginable and the number one issue is the comparability of the roll to an actual green on the course. Hard to get a natural feel on artificial turf. 

I would really like to test the slow green because at faster speeds you are having to take a itty bitty stroke for a smaller sized mat. In addition, usually when the greens are slow its because they are bumpy or long so they don't roll as well. Would be interesting to see how well the mat rolls with a slower speed. 

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1. Mike from Kansas City

2. Practice at home, KC gets about 7-8 months where it’s possible to be outside, otherwise too windy, cold, wet, icy, snowy, leaf-covered, etc

3. I currently have a very high quality putting green in my home (it’s about 5’x12’), on a flat floor in our basement made by a competitor. It is actually the same mat used in their custom outdoor built-in green installations, just a smaller version. It runs slightly slower than reality, maybe like a muni green that skipped a mowing day! Would love options for longer putting.

4. 10-11 Private course

Edited by Mike Dougan
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14 hours ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:



The biggest knock on artificial putting greens is that they don't roll like real putting greens. BirdieBall believes it's cracked the code. Using a proprietary foam material, it claimed status as MyGolfSpy's  "Best Putting Mat 2020."

Given the state of the world, it seems everyone is adding something to the "at home" practice arsenal, so here's your chance to keep sharp while locked down.


This opportunity is available to current forum members residing in the US. To apply, reply to this thread with the following information:

  1. First Name and Location
  2. How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter?
  3. Current/Past Experience with putting mats
  4. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test
  1. First Name and Location: Nick, Detroit, MI
  2. How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? Putt on my current birdieball mat
  3. Current/Past Experience with putting mats: 18 x 4 birdieball Mat
  4. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test: Medium speed
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Kenny from Colorado Springs, CO.

I practice on carpet at the firehouse and then when at home practice on thick carpet.

I have minimal experience with putting mats. I understand the concept but recently took my game more serious.

I would like to test the medium mat in a 4 hole configuration. 

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14 hours ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:
  • First Name and Location
  • How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter?
  • Current/Past Experience with putting mats
  • Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test

Anthony, Corona, CA.

In the winter I still practice at my local range, since we don't get crazy winters here in socal.

I've only ever used those og cheapo mats like the ones you see on movies being used by the cheese ball company presidents in their office, nothing modern at all.

I would love to test out the medium speed green

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  1. Ken, from Las Vegas Nevada
  2. Practice with current putting mat and a yard stick for straight line shots (winters aren't so bad, it's the blazing summer sun and wind to avoid)
  3. Snagged a great deal on a VariSpeed mat.   Works decently well and has helped with lining up a straight club face, but many unexpected side rolls and inconsistent speeds.
  4. 'Medium' (10-11 stimpmeter)


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