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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! BirdieBall Putting Mat


(6) TESTERS WANTED BirdieBall Putting Mat  

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  1. 1. Where do you practice your putting?

    • I don't
    • Carpet
    • Putting Green at the course
    • Turf Setup

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Joe Chicago, IL

How I practice:  I practice on a generic mat on carpet. I practice distance with a coaster and/or to an object getting as close to it as possible without hitting it. 
Experience w/Mats:  generic brand mat with electric return, and a previoisly on my family's Brunswick raised putting green with the undulation feature to adjust break. 
Desired Speed to Test:  Medium (10-11)

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Jack / Palo Alto, CA

In the winter I work longer hours. So even though I live in California, I don't have enough daylight.  As a result, I have to putt at night inside on a putting mat from the early 2000's. It has the crusty green roll up turf that has the green speed of a fairway with the electronic ball return that leaves marks on the golf balls.

The aforementioned mat is the only one I've had experience with. I've had it since I was about 10 and I'm turning 30 soon. My biggest gripe I've had is that it doesn't mimic the speed of an actual green well at all. It feels incredibly slow and I always feel like I have to crush the ball to hit it the full 8 feet to the cup. Every time I use it, I feel like it throws my touch off for the following round.  

I'm a 6 handicap and I'd like to try the Fast (11-13 stimpmeter) putting mat. A lot of the courses I play out in CA have greens that are in great shape and kept lightning quick. I'd like to find out if the thousands of balls I've hit on my old slow mat over the years have actually been doing me a disservice. 

Not sponsored, so I play a mixed bag.

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  1. John Denver, CO
  2. Puttout putting mat in my office
  3. No matter where I place the mat it never seem to be level and my ball doesn’t roll straight 
  4. Medium


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I’m Sam Hanson. I’m an educator in snohomish (44) with a son who (14) absolutely loves golf.

I hope you trust Drew and I to test your product. 

we have little birdie ball course and birdie ball range around the house. We need a putting green to keep building the game. 

Birdie Ball has been big part of our practice regiment. Hope to continue to get better each day and it starts with the putting green!

Sam and Drew 

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Shawn - Apple Valley, MN

I mostly putt on the 3-hole turf-style mat I have in the basement. I worked with a putting mirror last winter and it has for sure helped with my alignment. There's also a putting green at the dome I hit balls at in the winter and at the Golftec I go to. This is the extend of my experience with putting mats.

I'd elect for a slow mat. Most of my golf is played at public courses.

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Michael/Frisco TX

We still have greens down here in winter so I can get out and putt. Other than that I keep up with it putting around the house.

i had a perfect practice type setup that returned the ball. Didn’t feel I was getting much out of it as far as directional control, so now just use carpet around the house.

i would likely try the slow speed, I believe that would suit the courses I play best.




Vault Voss 2.0

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1. Brian Los Angeles, CA

2. I used to practice at the putting green  after my range sessions but since the putting greens are closed due to COVID, I practice on the carpet in my living room.

3. I never had a putting mat but was thinking of getting one to see if it will help me improve on my putting game (need lots of help...).

4. I will want to test slow - 9- 10 Stimpmeter since I play mostly on local munis. 


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1. Cameron, St. George, UT

2. Using a Putt Out mat -decent putting mat with different distances/alignment guides

3. Putting mats have very little variation, they often get repetitive and don’t help your feel. They are more to groove your stroke rather than work on pace/feel. 

4. Medium speed would be great! Thanks. 

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  1. Paul, Monterey CA
  2. On the carpet with a cup for aiming. 
  3. None yet
  4. Medium speed

Irons: Nike CCI Forged 4-P, Stiff flex. Taylormade M2 3 Hybrid, Reg flex.

Woods: Taylormade R7 Quad, 9.5*, Reg Flex, Taylormade Steel V 3&5 Woods, Reg Flex.

Right Handed, 14 HCP

Stationed in Monterey, CA

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1. Daniel - Seattle, WA

2. I mainly use my carpet and a putt out. I love the fact that I can take it on the road to practice. 

3. I’ve never had my own putting mat but I have practiced before on other friends’ artificial turfs.

4. I would like to test the medium because I’ve outgrown the public munis and am interested in playing more private courses next year. I think the birdieball setup would be perfect practice for that. 

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I need to test this for you. 3 putts are killing me!!! Last week I hit a par 4 green in 2 and doubled it.

Cobra F9 Driver

Cobra Amp Cell 3 wood

Tour Edge 5 wood

Taylormade hybrid

Cleveland CBX irons

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Michael, Columbus OH

I’m back living at home with my parents because of the pandemic, and about 6 years ago we got a small artificial green for the office, so we use that. I typically don’t mind mats or artificial grass at all. Especially living in Ohio, I know I wouldn’t practice as much without one. I’d love to try out the medium speed. Thanks!

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  1. Scott, Suffolk, VA
  2. Most winters we can play in my area, so I practice at the course when I can (not often enough).
  3. My experience is all past. My parents had a cheap mat that didn't roll (or store) well. It was foam and had lots bumps and folds in it. It wasn't much use.
  4. Ultimate, 4x10, Medium

Thank you!

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