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If the tour wants to pick up pace of play why don't they have some rules officials follow the last few groups?

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Where are these guys? The 5 minutes it takes them to get to the final group is half a hole. They could watch for infractions as well.

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I don't think there is actually any real incentive to drastically improve pace of play at the pro level.  I think they try to do enough to keep from too many pros and fans from complaining, but there's isn't an actual reason for them to pick up the pace of play.  Shortening the tournament by faster pace only means less commercials and people aren't turning the TV off if there is something compelling happening at the finish of a tournament.  The USGA might want to improve pace of play overall for the game, but I just don't buy there is any urgency for them to shorten the couple events they each year on network TV, and same goes for the other governing bodies that only get 1 or 2 tournaments a year.  For the PGA tour and regular events the only thing that will change pace of play is if tournaments keep going over allowed TV time and the networks don't want to expand coverage windows.

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The harder the course and when players are contending on the final day, the pace is going to be slower for final groups.  

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