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What is the longest length of time a putter has been in your bag as the primary putter?


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4 hours ago, mdgboxx said:

Off the rack, it sat at SW- F7. But I hated the slim Winn grip, so I immediately had it replaced by a Lamkin Jumbo, it brought the SW down to where I couldn't feel the head. I got the optional weight kit (I hadn't left the store) and switched the 2x12 gr weights to 2x20 gr and brought the SW back up to F4. The head is now at 386 gr, I love it that way. 

I was trying/comparing Titleist California Del Mar and Studio Select Kombi when I noticed the Ping sitting in the wrong section. 

That's so funny.  I like the slim Winn grip so much, and it's gotten so nasty that I wrap it with tennis tape (I know, that makes it a little bit thicker).  

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What's in the bag:
Driver - :cobra-small: F8 - Aldila NV Blue 60 ( S )
3 Wood (16*) - :cobra-small: F8 - Aldila NV Blue 60 ( S )
3 Hybrid (19*) - :taylormade-small: RBZ
4i - PW - :wilson_staff_small: D7 Forged - Recoil 760 ( S )
GW - LW - :cobra-small: F8 - N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour105 ( S )
Putter - :ping-small: Craz-e
Bag - :1590477705_SunMountain: 2.5 (Black)
Ball -  :taylormade-small: TP5X Pix
Instagram - @hardcorelooper
Twitter - @meovino
Facebook - mike.eovino



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Odyssey Dual Force 662 (with the best putter insert ever made, imo) has spent the majority of the last 20+ years as my primary putter. It has outlasted and outperformed numerous Scottys, Betis, and other Odyssey. Recently purchased an Evnroll ERB2 and put it in the bag last week, but the DF 662 is faithfully standing by. 

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I still game a Scotty Newport 2 mid slant my grandpa got me right before he died of cancer in 2000. He used to watch me practice from the truck when I was a kid, and I like to use it because it feels like he's still around. Not really a huge fan of the putter itself, but it has massive sentimental value. I take it out of my bag and bring it into the clubhouse with me so no one steals it. I have tried others, but it they just don't feel right. I'll probably use it for the rest of my life, I'll just have to wait at the shop someday for a week while they refinish it. 😆

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Titleist 975J

Callaway Hawkeye 3 Wood

Ben Hogan CFT Hybrid, Apex Plus Irons

Cleveland 588 Wedges

Scotty Newport 2 Mid Slant Pro Platinum

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From 2000 to 2020, my gamer was a Ping G2i - CRAZ-E.  When I sent it in this Fall to PING for refurbish, I put a circa 1966 Version 3 Anser in the bag that I bought used for $20 in 1973, when I was on the high school golf team.  

The CRAZ-E may not make it back to the bag.

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I was sad because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no lob wedge.

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From high school until 2005, which would be about 20 years, I used an old blade putter that my Dad gave me that has no brand.  It was a POS, but it was free to me, and I was comfortable with it on the greens.  I was working at a golf course in 2005 when I talked myself into getting a PING G5 B60 putter; mostly because they sold it to me at wholesale cost, which was like $87 or something like that.  I used that one until a few years ago when I started to go crazy and swap out putters here and there.  So I guess that's 12-13 years in the bag with that one.

I bought a PING Sigma Stealth Tyne, using credit from clubs I had traded in just last year.  The shaft had issues, so I sent it back to PING to have it fixed.  While it was getting fixed I put a TaylorMade Ghost Spider putter that my Dad gave me in the bag, and magic started happening on the greens.  The Spider has a bunch of nicks and dents and paint chips on it, but man, it just feels so good to roll on the greens.  I may play this one for the next 10-20 years - who knows.

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  • :ping-small: G400 Driver
  • :callaway-small: XR 4 Fairway 16.5°
  • :mizuno-small: Fli-Hi Utility Iron - 21°
  • :ping-small: G Series 5-9 irons
  • :titelist-small: :vokey-small: SM7 46°, 50°, 54° & 58°
  • :taylormade-small: Ghost Spider S putter
  • :918457628_PrecisionPro:Nexus Laser Rangefinder
  • Garmin Approach S20 GPS
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Ping iN Zb2, circa 2009; although as I dove into golf equipment forums during Covid, coupled with a growing tendency to drift outside on the takeaway, we may have to sleep in separate beds this spring if I bring a shiny new partner home

Swing away!

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Original White Hot 2 Ball - 16 years.  and Im even buying the new OG soon to be released just for the nostalgia factor and the fact is the best insert putter of all time.


:taylormade-small: SIM Driver 9* | Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black 70g

:callaway-small: Epic Flash Sub-Zero 3 Wood | Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black 70g

:mizuno-small: MP-20s SEL | Project X LZ 6.0

:callaway-small: Jaws MD5 - 50 Degrees | Dynamic Gold S200

 :cleveland-small: RTX 4  56.10 | 60.9 | Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400

:cameron-small:    Special Select 2020 - Newport 2

:bridgestone-small: Tour Bx 2020


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I'm still using the Odyssey White Steel 2 Ball CS I won in a tournament in 2004. Last year I bought a new Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball CS to replace it but I couldn't find the heart to take the 2004 putter out of the bag...maybe this year. It's definitely showing its age but damn it's been a good putter.

2004, Odyssey White Steel 2 Ball CS,a.jpg

2020, Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball CS,a.jpg

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Taylormade SIM MAX 12* driver

Adams Golf Tight Lies 3 & 5 wood

Callaway Great Big Bertha Hawkeye 7 wood

Top Flite Tiatanium Intimidator 7 wood

Ping G400 6-Pw, UW irons

Taylormade Milled Steel SW

Cleveland RTX-3 LW

Odyssey White Hot XG 2-ball CS putter

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10 years... taylormade ghost tour TM 110 putter .. still put it in the bag once in awhile 

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:cobra-small: Speedzone Driver Tensei AV Blue or  :ping-small: G400 SFT 10. KBS TD 50 Category 3 shaft 

:cobra-small: King Speedzone Black Yellow Fairway 3 wood Tensei AV Blue 65 

:cobra-small: F9 SpeedBack Black Grey Fairway 5 Wood   :Fuji: ATMOS Tour Spec Blue 7 shaft

:titelist-small: T300 4i-GW - Tensei AV Blue AM2 Regular Flex  or :mizuno-small: JPX 900 Hot Metal 5 - GW Project X Lz 4.5 Regular Flex Graphite 

:ping-small:   Glide 2.0 SS Wedges 54 & 58 

:taylormade-small: TP Red White Ardmore Putter - BGT Stability Tour Black shaft 

:918457628_PrecisionPro:Precision Pro NX7 range finder 

:cobra-small: Ultralight Cart Bag 

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My Kia Ma Daytona has been in the bag for 15 years or thereabouts. Mainly because I didn't play much after I bought it 🙂 

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:cobra-small: RADSpeed 9° Matrix Black Tie X-Flex 🐺 

:cobra-small: F9 3/4 Wood Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 

:mizuno-small:CLK 19° Hybrid Speeder Evo HB S 

:mizuno-small: MP54 4-PW Dynamic Gold S300 

:titleist-small: SM8 50° F-Grind 

:titleist-small: SM8 54° F-Grind 🆕

:titleist-small: SM8 58° K-Grind 

DStar 'Malvern' Putter 🆕

:titelist-small: AVX & -ProV1X

:footjoy-small: Tour-X 

"Hey mister, your clubs are the wrong way round"..

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I have a Ping G5i B60 that I got new.  They came out in 2006, apparently, so its 13 or 14 years old.

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:titelist-small: Irons Titleist AP2 714, KBS Tour S, 3 flat

:callaway-small: Rogue SubZero, GD YS-Six X

:vokey-small: 52, 56, and 60 wedges

:ping-small: B60 G5i putter

Right handed

Reston, Virginia

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I had a Northwestern putter I bought in 1988 or so. I was young and poor, and I was pretty excited because it was the first putter I owned that wasn’t ambi. That stayed in the bag until about 5 years ago. I’m not sure I’m much better with my Rife than with that.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

I always try to remember that I'm not good enough to get mad!


My Bag:

:ping-small:  G400 Max

:ping-small:  G30 3W

:cobra-small: King S9-1 5W

:taylormade-small: Aeroburner 3 Rescue/Hybrid

:ping-small: G400  5-UW

:cleveland-small: RTX4 52* and 56*

:rife-putters-1: 2Bar Mallet

:ping-small: Traverse II Cart Bag


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I couldn’t even guess as to the brand or model, but it would’ve been a hand-me-down from my Dad way back in the late 70s when he first taught me to golf. I don’t remember buying a new putter until I bought an Odyssey when I moved to LSU for grad school. So my guess is that first putter my Dad gave me was in my bag for almost 15 years.

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Driver: :cobra-small: King F9 Speedback/:callaway-small:Epic Max LS, Xphlexxx Busa 2 Liquid, XX stiff, 45”

Fwy:  :callaway-small: Epic Speed 4w, MMT 80X

Hybrid: :callaway-small: X2 Hot Pro, 20*, Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 105X

Irons: :honma:TR20 Tour P 4-10, :Nippon: Modus 130 stiff, +1”

Wedges: :edel-golf-1: SMS 50D/54V/58D:Nippon:Modus 130 stiff, +1”

Putter:  :edel-golf-1: EAS 1.0

All but putter have Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid Calibrate midsize built to oversize +1

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Since 2010.  Custom Cameron Pro Plat 009 35/330g.

Driver:  TM SIM2 Max

Woods:  3/5 TM SIM2 Max

Hybrid:  22 PXG

Irons:  5-PW 0311XF PXG

Wedges: 50/54/58 Vokey SM8 Black 

Putter:  Custom SC 009 35/330g

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Since 2016 I’ve been rocking a Ping Anser 2 TR. I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.. everything I’ve gone and messed around with at stores just hasn’t ever felt right.. 

Only remaining thing left from when I first started playing more often in 2016. 

:taylormade-small:Driver- Sim2 max; 60x rogue silver 

:cobra-small:3wood- cobra F9; 70x hzrds black 

:taylormade-small:Hybrid- taylormade burner 

:mizuno-small:4-G- JPX921 Forged; Nippon tour 120s 

:cleveland-small:54,58- Cleveland RTX-4

:ping-small:Putter- Ping anser 2 cadence TR

:ping-small:Bag: Ping Hoofer CL

:Snell:Ball: MTB-X

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6 months or less… it’s a sickness. 

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Driver: Ping 425 Max; Rogue White 70

3 Wood: Ping 410; Mitsubishi Tensei Orange

7 Wood: Callaway Steelhead

3, 5-7 Irons: Callaway Apex 19

8-AW Irons: Callaway Apex Pro 19

Wedges: Titleist 53 degree, Callaway MD4 58 X Grind 

Putter: Odyssey 10 Tour Lined; Seemore Z2

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From 2010-2015 I had a putter that was found in my drunken mechanic neighbors garage when I asked for help patching a tire. I used it when I played at state and honestly it's the only thing I had going for me for that tournament. I miss that putter, it didn't have any alignment on it and I brought that up and my neighbor brought out his grinder and notched it in the middle. I forsee my current putter staying in the bag for quite a while I'm really enjoying it.

  • Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 8° Accra FX2.0 250 M4
  • PXG 5 wood turned 4 wood hzrd black
  • PXG 3 Hybrid hzrd black
  • Taylormade 2019 P790's KBS Tour S 4-5
  • PXG 0211 ST 6-GW
  • Vokey 54/58° sm8 
  • Mizuno Mcraft 3



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10 years now with my current putter. It survived a 5 year departure of the game where I sold everything, except this putter.

Titleist 913D2 9.5* Diamana D+ White 72S | Titleist 917F2 17* Diamana TB 70S | Mizuno MP-60 S300 (3-PW) | Vokey SM5 52* (playing 53*) and 58* | Odyssey Black Series Tour Design No. 5 | Bridgestone Tour B XS

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I had a Ping JAS Anser that was in the bag from 2005-2014 (9 years).  It got benched and never saw the light of day when I tried a Ping Nome TR, that putter lasted until this year when the grooves got damaged (6 years).  Now I have an Evnroll ER5b that I love!

Ping G425 LST 10.5* - Rogue White 130

Ping G425 LST 14.5 - Rogue White 130

TaylorMade SIM 19* Tensei Pro White

Srixon ZX5 4&5 iron Modus 120

Srixon ZX7 6-AW Modus 120

Vokey SM8 54* 60* Modus 125 wedge

EvnRoll ER5B

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