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Unexpected Result from Iron / Hybrid Fitting

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I went in for an iron and hybrid fitting, and the fitter started off by assessing lie angles and club length of my current set. He asked a bunch of questions about what I’m looking for throughout the set and what I struggle with and took a look at my numbers for my current clubs. I wanted to try pings, we started there then went to  TaylorMade, then srixon - everything was so-so until he put a Cobra Speedzone with a Nippon Modus 130 x in my hand. After the first shot I let out an involuntary, “What the f***?!”

Yes, the lofts are jacked.

Yes, the faces are hot.

Yes, they flight and spin high.

But goddang they are so easy to hit long and straight. The 7 iron has the same loft as my old 6 iron, but with the Modus it was carrying as far as my old 5 iron, except it was coming down and stopping like my old 8 iron! The Cobra Speedzone was not in my “consideration set”, and the fitter admitted he put it in my hand so I could try the Modus 130 (which was handy as it was in the Cobra cart right next to us). After trying a few other things with the Modus 130, nothing was as effortless to get the ball going or gave me as much confidence.

We went on to hybrids and after struggling to find something that went straight, the fitter ordered the speedzone 5i 1 degree strong as a “3 hybrid replacement” for me. He assured me it would ‘hit the number’. I got the clubs in last week, he was right, it’s an absolute rocket launcher and it’s just as easy to hit as the rest of the set.

I would have never guessed in a million years going into the fitting that I was going to end up with the Speedzone gap to 5i and no hybrids, but I absolutely love these clubs!

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@Grit Golf I have hear lots of good things about the Modus shafts. Great to hear they worked for you. 

Golf is simple - people are complicated.

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