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Testers ANNOUNCED Cleveland Zipcore Raw Wedges

How Do You Use Your Most Lofted Wedge  

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  1. 1. Tell Us The Type of Shots You Most Often Hit With Your Most Lofted Wedge..ie 58, 60 or Higher?

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    • Lob Shots Over a Hazard-water or bunker
    • Short Sided Chips
    • 20 to 30 yard Chips to Get Maximum Spin and Stopping Power
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20 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Testers Wanted (5)


There’s something about RAW wedges that elicits a mixed bag of reactions from golfers. Some swear it gives them more spin—that’s a topic for another day—some say they prefer the look of shiny chrome, tour satin or jet-black finish. Remember the days of one choice? 

At one time the options were so few, many took to the home version of RAW by soaking wedges in Coke and other methods to get them to rust. The last few years have seen many OEM’s offer a RAW version of their wedges. With Cleveland Golf having successfully launched the new RTX Zip Core wedges in the summer, it now is offering the wedge in the popular RAW or it is officially called Tour Rack finish.

So, we’re going to let you tell us if raw is better.   


Testers Wanted

We are looking for FIVE dedicated golfers who will  receive two wedges in the loft they choose to provide an in depth 4 to 6-week commitment to testing the Tour Rack Zip Core wedges.  Testing is open to  Right Hand golfers who reside in the US. 

To Apply please provide the following information:

First Name/City State


Current Model Wedges Played

What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge

We'll be choosing the testers next week, so check back to see if you have been selected.





Jackson / sister bay, WI


vokey sm5’s

Possible increase in spin. 

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Josh Gibson— Ponte Vedra, FL


Currently play 3 SM6 wedges

Looking forward to playing a wedge that will not have as much glare on the face at address. Seeing the clubs rust over time also appeals to me. Interested to see if the raw wedges spin any differently than my current wedges.

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Parker / Chicago, IL

hcap 12

Current wedges Cleveland 52, 56, 60

What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge: want to stay in the Cleveland family and would like to gain more spin control - heard these were the best to do it

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Nick Green- Traverse City, MI 

7.5 handicap

Currently play Cleveland RTX-3 jet black: 50 (bent to a 48) , 54, 58 they are plus 1/2" and 2* upright.

I have been seriously considering giving the raw finish a try but not sure how I feel about the rust look also interested if the feel is any better. Would love to test them for you guys and the readers!

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Dan / Sparta, NJ

Index 7.5

Current Model Wedges Played: Mizuno MP-T11 50, 54, 58 all 7 Seasons old and are officially out of stopping power on firm greens.  I would love to test a fresh wedge at my home club 

What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge; The finish!!! I am a huge believer that you have to love what you're looking at even before you swing it for the first time 

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Jatin/ New Orleans, la


cleveland rtx 4: 50, 56(55), 60 xlow bounce. 

I liked the “character” look of the wedge after. Played Cleveland for 10 years and have had black and raw finished on lob wedge. Couldn’t tell if there was a difference but assumed the model made more of a difference. 

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Cincinnati, OH

Handicap: 15.8

Current Model: Cleveland

Appeal: I do love the look of the raw wedges especially when they start to rust but would also be interested to see if I can tell/feel a different when it comes to spin compared to my finished wedges. 

Avid Golfer, Duke Fan, Always Looking for Insight

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Steve Olson, Lunenburg, MA. I’m currently a 4 handicap. In the bag I have a Taylormade MG2 60 degree, and Cleveland RTX3s for my 56 and 52. I really like the appeal of a raw finish on wedges because they tend to spin more consistently and predictably, and as the wedge rusts it will preserve spin as the grooves wear away.

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First Name/City State: Todd from Saint Louis

Handicap: 8

Current Model Wedges Played: 

Srixon A785 51

Cleveland RTX 3 56 Raw low

Cleveland RTX 3 60 Raw low

What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge: 

I like the look - it’s not black but it is dark and has a texture to it that is somehow comforting.

Driver: Taylormade JetSpeed 10.5*

3 wood: Adams Speedline Fast12 15*

Irons: Mizuno MX-17 3-PW

Wedges: Mizuno MP R Series 52, Mizuno MP Series 56, Cobra Tour Trusty 60

Putter: Odyssey Works Versa 7

Ball: NXT Tour S or Srixon Q Star

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Ty Manring

Winston Salem, NC


HCP 12

currently playing a mixed bag of a 52* Titleist SM6 F grind black finish; 56* and 60* Ping Glide 2.0 Black Stealth. The black wears off too easily!

love the idea and attraction of a raw wedge. Used to play Vokey Oil Can wedges and miss that look/finish. Not good enough yet for spin rate to be a determining factor 😂

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