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Testers ANNOUNCED Cleveland Zipcore Raw Wedges

How Do You Use Your Most Lofted Wedge  

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  1. 1. Tell Us The Type of Shots You Most Often Hit With Your Most Lofted Wedge..ie 58, 60 or Higher?

    • Full Shots From Anywhere
    • Any Shot Inside 60 Yards
    • Lob Shots Over a Hazard-water or bunker
    • Short Sided Chips
    • 20 to 30 yard Chips to Get Maximum Spin and Stopping Power
    • All of The Above

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Jeff/St. Charles, MO

index: 3.9

Current wedges:  Volkey SM7 46; SM7 50; SM8 54

Curious to see what the durability is on the Raw finish as well as the difference in play between the Volkey and the Cleveland.  I don't anticipate there being any substantial difference in spin with or without rust on them.  

Driver:  Titleist TSi3 / Fujikura Motore X F1 65 shaft

3W:  Callaway Rogue 15 degree / Project X HZRDUS Yellow 70 shaft

Utility: Callaway X-Forged 21 degree 3 iron / Slay 85 hybrid stiff shaft

Irons: Honma TR20 P 4-11 irons / Nippon Modus Tour 120 X-stiff shafts

Wedges:  Callaway Jaws Tour Grey 54.10, 58.08 / Nippon Modus Tour 120 X-stiff shafts

Putter:  Bettinardi Queen B 5 

You will usually see me walking the course

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Huntersville, North Carolina

15 Handicap

I am currently playing the Titleist Vokey SM6

The finish of the wedges look great. I have been using Titleist ever since I can remember for my wedges and have been looking to try out some new ones.


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from Maryland. Hcp is a +1.5- +2.5 traditionally play vokey but wasn’t a fan of the sm8 looking to Try new brands out as well as a raw finish. I have heard good things about the new Cleveland wedges 

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A great opportunity for a few people! Would love to test something like this some day, but not now. Winter is coming in OH and I just got new wedges that I need to get used to first. However, I am very interested in the raw vs. finished aspect of it! Good Luck to all!

Driver: :titelist-small: TS2 10.5* - Tensei AV Blue 55 S

Fairway Wood: :titelist-small: TS2 16.5* - Tensei AV Blue 65 S

Hybrids: :titelist-small: TS2 19.0* - Tensei AV Blue 70HY S

Irons 5-GW: :mizuno-small: JPX 921 Hot Metal - Pro Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 S

Wedges::mizuno-small: T-20 54 | 58 |  M-Grind - Nippon Modus 105 

Putter: :EVNROLL: ER2B MidBlade Black - Gravity Grip

Ball: :bridgestone-small: 

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First Name: Ming /City State : London UK

Handicap: 18

Current Model Wedges Played:  Wilson Staff 52. Callaway Mack daddy 56

What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge:

I heard the brand is one of the greatest, want to try its product, also the look.

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Craig / Dallas, TX

Handicap 15

Current Model Wedges Played: Cleveland RTX 3 (54, 58), Cleveland CBX2 (50)

What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge: I have used the Cleveland Raw wedges in earlier 588 versions. I usually buy wedges that are last years model and the raw finish is difficult to find. I prefer the raw wedges to finished wedges but cost is a major factor in what I buy.

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Taylor Hall/ Ligonier Pa 

Handicap: 4

Current Wedges: 

MAXFLI 52 degree forged Black Max; Taylormade ATV 54 and 56 Degrees; King Cobra 60 degree SW

Appeal to a RAW wedge: I love dropping the ball close to the target and one hop stop so the spin is a huge plus and I’m all about the mental feel of the look when looking down on a club so the less glare and more ball fitted the club looks at address is an attraction to the wedges. 

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First Name/City State: David; Seattle

Handicap: 13

Current Model Wedges Played: RTX 4 50; 54; Edison 59

What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge: The weathered appearance once the wedge starts to rust; better grip and spin over time.

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Justin / Glens Falls, NY


Current Wedges- SM 7 50-08F, 54-O8M, 60-12D

Raw wedges just look cool. No glare.

Really want to try these. I didn't like RTX 4 raw. I had 50, 54mid and 58low. Had to part ways. In general, I found them all to dig just a little too much, especially the 58. I think Cleveland says Zipcore grinds are the same as RTX4, but they look more refined to me just by looking at them. Anyway. Hate my SM7 60D. The bounce is not my friend! I love Cleveland/Srixon stuff. 

Thanks for your consideration.


Genuine golf club "HO"

G400max Tour 65x

917 F2 Accra FX 2.0 300F M4

918 H2 Accra FX 2.0 300F M4

U85 22degrees DG X100 TI

5-P Z785 DG X100 TI

SM7 50F-08,  54M-08, 60D-12 DG X100 TI

Special Select Squareback 2

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Sierra Vista, AZ

Titlelist SM7

Interested to see if they will hold our super fast firm greens

M2 Driver Fujikura Regular Flex

Mizuno 921 Tour Irons-- Titleist Wedges

A new Sik Armlock putter



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22 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Testers Wanted (5)


There’s something about RAW wedges that elicits a mixed bag of reactions from golfers. Some swear it gives them more spin—that’s a topic for another day—some say they prefer the look of shiny chrome, tour satin or jet-black finish. Remember the days of one choice? 

At one time the options were so few, many took to the home version of RAW by soaking wedges in Coke and other methods to get them to rust. The last few years have seen many OEM’s offer a RAW version of their wedges. With Cleveland Golf having successfully launched the new RTX Zip Core wedges in the summer, it now is offering the wedge in the popular RAW or it is officially called Tour Rack finish.

So, we’re going to let you tell us if raw is better.   


Testers Wanted

We are looking for FIVE dedicated golfers who will  receive two wedges in the loft they choose to provide an in depth 4 to 6-week commitment to testing the Tour Rack Zip Core wedges.  Testing is open to  Right Hand golfers who reside in the US. 

To Apply please provide the following information:

First Name/City State


Current Model Wedges Played

What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge

We'll be choosing the testers next week, so check back to see if you have been selected.






Adams Hybrid Irons, Cleveland wedges 50,53,56,60, Nike Method Putter, Callaway 3 wood, Ping g25 Driver.  

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Todd Lemas, Henderson, NV


Cleveland 588 Rotex 60, 56, 53

I have heard a lot about RAW face and would like to put it to the test!  More spin? Let’s find out. Plus they look great in any bag!  

Adams Hybrid Irons, Cleveland wedges 50,53,56,60, Nike Method Putter, Callaway 3 wood, Ping g25 Driver.  

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+0.8 handicap


current wedges are RTX zipcore in satin finish ( before raw came out)

52 mid bounce

56 full 

60 low bounce


would love to review the rawsince i have the satin to compare them too and also i still carry muly old vokey 60 deg for flop shots

SIM 9 deg turned to 7,  Hazardous smoke green

M5 rocket 14 deg 3 wood

M5 15 deg turned up to 17 deg

Ping i3 blades 3-pw

RTX zipcore wedges ( 52,56,60)

Toulon Las Vegas H7 putter

Sun mountain stand bag


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Chuck/Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

11.9 GHIN

T300: P, W, 53W, and Vokey Sm7 58.12D 

A raw represent the purity of the metal and a clean feel.  



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