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Testers ANNOUNCED Cleveland Zipcore Raw Wedges

How Do You Use Your Most Lofted Wedge  

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  1. 1. Tell Us The Type of Shots You Most Often Hit With Your Most Lofted Wedge..ie 58, 60 or Higher?

    • Full Shots From Anywhere
    • Any Shot Inside 60 Yards
    • Lob Shots Over a Hazard-water or bunker
    • Short Sided Chips
    • 20 to 30 yard Chips to Get Maximum Spin and Stopping Power
    • All of The Above

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First Name/City State: Cory - Los Angeles, CA

Handicap - 5

Current Model Wedges Played - GigaGolf TRX 6.0 50*/55*/60*

I got these wedges as I didn't like the gapping progression from my GigaGolf irons into the Cleveland Wedges I was playing (CG15). That's still important to me in the 50 and 55 degree clubs as those are more "full swing" sticks, but I almost never use the lob wedge for full shots these days. Because it's going to be a around-the-green specialty club for me, getting maximum versatility and performance will be the biggest factor.

What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge

I used to love the rusty wedge look back in university (in fact I think my brother still has one of my old Nike Forged Steel wedges that I rusted out in his bag. He doesn't play much golf). While I may have gotten a little older (and wiser?) in years, don't we all still long for a taste of those old days? One raw wedge in my bag may just give it that bit of personality that I like to have. If it can perform around the green (didn't we used to think the rust made them spin better?) then that's a big bonus.

Currently reviewing PXG 0311 GEN5 Full Bag:
Driver: 7.5 degree Autoflex 505x

4 wood: Fujikura Motore X F3 6

3 Hybrid: Mitsubishi MMT 80g 

4-GW - 0311P GEN5 Xtreme Dark SteelFiber 95cw

54*/60* - Sugar Daddy II Xtreme Dark SteelFiber 95cw

Putter: PXG Blackjack center shaft 34"

Bag: Vessel VLX Iridium / Sunday Golf Loma

“Golf is a good walk enhanced”

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Matt/ Albuquerque New Mexico

hdcp- 3.0

current- Callaway pm bring jaws 54*/58* and Titleist 62* sm7

i usually use black coated wedges to reduce glare, I imaging raw provides the same benefit.  Hoping raw spins well.

In the bag-

PXG Proto driver

PXG Gen 3 XPs

Callaway Jaws 54,58


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Brandon/Edmond, Ok

Handicap: 1

Current wedges: vokey sm6 (raw) and vokey sm8

Love the look and feel of the raw finish. The rusting makes it unique and gives an extra bit of bite when you need it around the greens. Would love an opportunity to compare Raw zip core wedge to my previously played vokey raw wedges. 


Current Driver: Callaway Great Big Bertha 9* stiff flex kurokage 50g shaft

3 wood: ping anser 14* RIP Phenom 50G shaft

4 wood: ping anser 17* RIP Phenom 50g shaft

irons: 3-PW Mizuno MP-H5 kbs c-taper lite stiff flex shaft

wedges: 50* vokey sm6 raw finish and 56* vokey sm8 satin finish

putter: odyssey stroke lab Austin toulon 


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Schuyler, Scarsdale, NY


Titleist Vokey

Raw Wedges avoids sun glare 

Driver: image.jpeg.e446bd483f55f864625f0214a6f0a0cc.jpeg M5 Tour - 9* EvenFlow White 65, 6.5

3 wood: :titelist-small: TS2 15* degree EvenFlow White 75, 6.5

Hybrid: image.jpeg.e446bd483f55f864625f0214a6f0a0cc.jpeg SIM Max 19 Tensei CK Pro Blue 90 TX 

 Irons:image.png.f39ca0723463243d8b97c536861568ed.pngEpic Forged 5-A, Aerotech Steelfiber fc90

Wedges: :vokey-small: SM6 - 50* 54* 60*

Putter: image.jpeg.b8329ade9a91708e1ab3934981395cad.jpeg Scotty Cameron Newport 2

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Tommy/ Yankton, SD


RTX-4 tour satin: 46mid, 54mid, 56low, and 60 full 

I love the look of raw wedges, although i have yet to be presented the opportunity to try them in a round. I also like the thought of them being more susceptible to rust to bite the ball more.

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Danny /  Glendale, CA

15 hdc

Cleveland RTX3 50/54/58

First of all, I have been a Cleveland wedge fan since the 588s.  I have mostly played Cleveland wedges with the exception of a short stint with SM5s

I am one of those people who have soaked my wedges in coke or in a damp towel to get them to rust.  I like that the raw finish has much less glare.  They feel softer to me (I know it's subjective and may be in my head).  The worn patina of a raw wedge also just looks cool.

Pick Me!

“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening – and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.” -Arnold Palmer

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Cool opportunity!

Handicap: 8
Cleveland RTX-4 54 and 50 RTX 3 58

I LOVE the look of a raw wedge. When I tested the RTX-3s they were my first raw finish. Played them literally until they broke this year. The other finishes actually mess with my focus now...

Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

Driver:  :titelist-small: TSi3 Tester Check out the Review HERE

3-wood:  :Sub70: Pro (13*)

5-Wood:  :Sub70: Pro (18*) 

Irons :  :ping-small: i210 4-PW

Wedges:  :cleveland-small:  RTX-4 50* and 54* RTX-3 *58

Putter::1332069271_TommyArmour: Impact No. 3


Tracked by: :Arccos:  

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Walt - Leesburg, FL


Mizuno Raw

The look, the feel, and the spin!

Driver - 10* SMT Nemesis

# Metal - Orlimar 13* 

Hybrids - Wishon 

Irons - Srixon I-302s

Putter - Odyssey Two-Ball 

Balls - Snell MTB Black & MTB-X, Bridgestone BX 

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Clete, Hendersonville NC


Titleist Volkey Sm7

I've never played one. I've goofed off with a buddies old rusty and was intrigued with its feel. But I have never had the guts to pull the trigger on buying one. 

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John, Schaumburg IL

15 handicap

Mizuno T-20 50* 54* & 58*

I am interested in seeing the difference in spin and to find out if it is easier to get spin on certain shot types. I’m also interested in how it looks and feels compared to a “regular” wedge.

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