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FST gurus anyone...?

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I'm looking at putting some new shafts in an old reliable set of heads. My current gamers have FST Pro 125s. A little extra trajectory wouldn't hurt me any, and I could easily add some tip weights to get the swingweight up near normal. But how much trajectory difference would I see between the Pro 125s and the Pro 115s? 

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None if you trim them right. The FST Pro 125 and 115 are parallel tip .370 as I recall, so provided you trim them accordingly you can tweak the flex a little to give a bit more trajectory. If you keep to the standard tip trim for either shaft the same, the trajectory is near identical, as the tip section is identical. Only the difference in weight (10g obviously) has a slight effect if it gives you a faster swing speed. For added trajectory, I would suggest adding 1/4" to the recommended tip trim (so trim them 1/4" less at the tip) to give a higher trajectory. 


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Hi therod 

with FST, the lower weights are generally slightly softer than the heavier ones. But I honestly doubt, that you will see a significant difference between the 115 and the 125. It might even happen, that you hit the 125 higher due to a different delivery of the clubface due to the weight difference.

If you want to change the height of your ballflight, change the loft. Changing shafts will only affect the flight significantly, if the shaft changes your impact situation due to a different timing. When fitting customers within the same weight range and the same clubhead, I rarely find a huge difference in ballflight height. Changing the head design and/or the loft of the club is way more effective, when it comes to that topic.




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