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Testers ANNOUNCED! Titleist TSi Drivers

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Williamsport Pennsylvania

Ts2 8.5 or Mizuno ST200G


115 mph

ts2i or ts3i 8.5 or 8 


I want to test this because after going back and forth all year from ts2 and the st200g I want to know if the driver just lost its bang over time or I need something else. I’m a titleist guy usually always but did switch this year after finding more accuracy with the Mizuno. 


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Phoenix, AZ

Snake Eyes 675T w/ Pured shaft

4 handicap

107 MPH

1st- TSi3  2nd- TSi2 (TRULY happy for either!)

Current sticks are all custom made from top shelf component parts. Driver shaft Pured, iron shafts frequed, pre-cut weights identical and spined, iron heads within 1/10 gram of target weights. Love to test some new sticks designed for good players, but will be TOUGH to dislodge my gamers.

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