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Testers ANNOUNCED! Titleist TSi Drivers

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Testers ANNOUNCED! Handling the testing this time will be: @TSauer @HeathS16 @hartrick11 @dlow206 @alfriday101 @Rickp Full announcement here: htt

TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Is it possible for a golf equipment company to simultaneously be a colossus—and underrated, at the same time? Consider this: Titleist had the most played b

To be clear, it's a part time gig, that we do because we enjoy it.  We all have full time jobs that pay our bills, fortunately!   Thanks everyone for the overwhelming response.  The sel

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Name: Hannibal (actually is)

City: Harrison Township, Michigan

Current Driver: TS2 Stiff Hazardous Smoke 60 (Switching back to my 915 D2 not a fan of TS2 so far thru 30 rounds)

Handicap: 14 

Swing Speed: 114 mph

Driver of choice: TSi 2 (want to see if it’s better than my TS2) 

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