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Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid Grips

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... I do not change my style of grip very often. I have always played without a glove so I need a tacky grip. For probably close to 20 years I played Golf Pride Tour Velvets and wiped them down before every shot. My first big change was Lamkin 3GEN grips that had a similar feel to Tour Velvet as far as firmness, size and feel but were tackier and did not need to be wiped every single shot. I played them for quite awhile until they were discontinued and I started playing Lamkin UTx grips. I did not like them as much as 3GEN's but they worked OK so I stuck with them but was always on the look out for something better, trying many different grips but finding none better. After putting some UTx on my Steelfiber 95 shafts, I took them out of my P760's and installed them on my T100-S but with a longer hosel I had to cut them down a little. For some reason the grip tape stuck to the UTx, something I had never experienced, and I had to cut off 8 brand new grips. At $8 a grip a $75 loss with new grips was unacceptable and I contacted Lamkin. After a few back and forth emails, I tried the ST+2 Hybrid grip per their recommendation and was very pleasantly surprised at their performance. Long story short Lamkin sent me 18 of their ST+2 Hybrids for all my troubles. 

... I have had 5 rounds using ST+2 Hybrids and I am a complete convert. Somehow the Genesis Material produces a grip that quite honestly does not feel tacky and without a glove I expected it to be slick and/or slippery when swinging them. But to my surprise they are very stable and have what I would call "traction" instead of "tackiness". I have never loved the stick to my skin tacky feel but it was necessary for me to play without a glove. I was wiping the ST+2 grips down after several shots out of a lifetime of habit but found it completely unnecessary. They just keep the same traction without every changing. My last 2 rounds I did not wipe them down once and they remained like new. It seems Lamkin has found a formula that is nothing like the material grips have been made out of for years and they are a real game changer for me. 

... The ST+2 also has a larger lower hand diameter, something very popular on tour and with many forum golfers but I was so used to a tapered grip I have hit the larger diameter grips but never played a larger right hand grip. The ST+2 is a perfect gateway grip as the right hand is larger but not as large as many I have tried and I got used to the feel very quickly. There is cord in the upper half under the left hand but it is what Lamkin calls "Smooth Tack" and just a little firmer feeling than the slightly softer right hand grip without cord. It is close enough that I don't notice when gripping them, but running my hand over them I can clearly feel the subtle difference. I imagine with a glove the corded half will be rock stable in light rain or high humidity. These really are the Goldilocks of grips for me as the size isn't too tapered or too thick, not too firm or too soft, not too tacky or too slick so everything about them seems to be  juuuuuust right. Ymmv ...

... The Genesis Material is supposed to last longer and be more durable which would be awesome. It is difficult to recommend grips because they are so personal from size to color to shape to material to feel. But I feel confident suggesting you at least demo one to see if they are a grip you might enjoy if you are looking for a change or just want to take advantage of the latest material break through. 



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Driver:   TaylorMade SIM2 Max ... Diamana Limited 60R
Fairway:  Cobra SZ 14.5* ... Atmos Blue TS 7S
Utility:   Callaway Super Hybrid 17*   ... Diamana Limited 65R
               TaylorMade DHy 19* ... Diamana Limited 65R
Irons:    4-Pw Cobra King Tour MIM ... Nippon 950gh r-flex
Wedges:  Cobra Snakebite 50* ... Nippon 950gh r-flex
                 Mizuno T20 58* ... Nippon 950gh r-flex
Putter:  Cleveland Hunting Beach Soft 11S 33.5"
Ball:      TaylorMade TP5x (2021)

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Driver: Callaway FT-9 Aldila NV 65 (9 degrees, Stiff)

Woods: Titleist 910Fd Fairway (17.5 degrees, Regular)

Hybrids: Ping G Hybrid Alta Shaft (22 degrees, Regular)

Irons: Ping I E1 Regular AWT 2.0 Black Dot, 5 Iron 38.00" 26 degrees, 6 Iron 37.50" 29 degrees, 7 Iron 37.00" 32 degrees, 8 Iron 36.50" 36 degrees, 9 Iron 36.00" 41 degrees, PW     35.50" 45 degrees

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM7 50 degrees, F, Titleist Vokey SM7 54 degrees, S, Titleist Vokey SM7 58 degrees, D, Cleveland RTX 2.0 54.12 degrees, Cobra Tour Trusty 58.10 degrees

Putter: Odyssey 2-Ball Blade


Raleigh, NC

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