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Cobra F9 Speedback (9 degree)

Mavrik 4 wood, 7 wood

Mavrik irons (5-P)

Vokey wedges (48, 52, 56, 60)

MacGregor DCT Bobby Grace Putter

I switched over to the Cobra driver this year from my Epic partly due to a half-off sale on the Cobra--figured I could give it a test for a good price. The Epic was a couple of years old and an upgrade from what preceded it, but it had some annoying aspects like sound and struggle with ball flight. No flaw in the Cobra, but I had a hard time settling into the right settings for it (loft, weights). I finally landed on 9 degrees and have felt really comfortable with it. Ball flight is a little lower, but has increased my run out and usually gives me a nice draw.

I used my Covid money to get fit for and buy new irons. I was hoping to add some distance and the Mavriks definitely do that, easily giving me 10-15 yards and a little more when I need it. It has taken a little while to get comfortable with non-stock shots, but that part has come along well this fall. I play a tree-lined track so punch shots are an absolutely necessity. These clubs delivered low liners immediately and now I can bend it both ways. Definitely an improvement over my previous set (Callaway Razr Xs). Lifesavers at my course.

Part of my motivation for new irons was that I actually like hitting a longer iron shot over hitting a hybrid, so I wanted to move away from the Razr X 3 and 4 hybrid. The new Mavrik 5 iron actually accomplished that, but the fitting showed that I probably couldn't get enough height on a 4 iron to hold greens well enough. The fitter pushed me toward the 7 Wood as the answer to that--the same distance as a 4 iron but the descent angle of a 7 iron! At least that is the theory. I'm not completely sold on it yet. It's probably operator error, but I'm much more accurate with an iron than the 7 wood so I have been tending to amp up the 5 iron if that's an option. Hopefully next spring will allow me to dial the 7 wood in better.

I get good distance out of the 4 wood, so we opted for that in order to not make the gap from the 7 too large. With good driver distance, the 4 wood works. The Mavrik technology has some pop in it, that's for sure.

I probably don't need to carry 4 wedges, but that's the part of the bag I'm still trying to figure out. The 60 was in the bag for the occasional flop shot, but I've actually begun to use it in the bunker a little more too. I've tried to develop swing to distance matches with the wedges so I can be more consistent and limit decision making. Before the courses opened I used an indoor mat, net, and Sky Caddie to match my swing and distances. I was glad it transferred well to the course.

Putting has been my nemesis for years. I have resisted spending a lot of money on a putter because the problem is me, not the tool. I did buy a Armour Impact 3 based on MyGolfSpy's report last year, so I have two putters I put to the test during the winter. I bounced back and forth between mallet and blade. Doing well with one for a bit then inevitably doing not so well. Finally I opted to just stick with the DCT for consistency and started concentrating on my stroke. For the first time in my golf life I actually felt like I was started to save strokes putting by the start of this fall. 

Sorry for the book! Anybody else playing the new Mavriks? I am committed to making them work, but I will admit that I've got a wandering eye on the driver market!

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