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Testers ANNOUNCED (15) Ben Hogan Long Game

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The biggest testing in MGS history is about to begin!!  TESTERS ANNOUNCED BELOW       This may very well be the largest forum test ever conducted on the internet.  Can you sa

Thanks everybody, entries closed. 

So excited to be a part of this testing! Very thankful for MGS and the generosity of Ben Hogan Golf!

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Joe. Syracuse NY

I am right handed.

First choice:  3 wood with regular shaft

Second choice:  Driving iron with regular shaft. 
Handicap:  2.4

Currently playing Hogan VKTR hybrid as part of awesome Hogan combo set which I tested on MGS.

:ping-small: G 400 driver with Aldila DVS 55-SR shaft (FAIRWAY FINDING MONSTER)

:taylormade-small: Aero Burner 16 degree mini driver regular flex

:callaway-logo-1: Rogue Heavenwood regular flex 

:Hogan: Icon/PTX Pro Combo Set.  VKTR hybrid.

:Hogan: Equalizer Wedges 50, 54, 58 degrees

:callaway-small:Odyssey Two Ball Triple Track Putter, 32 inches  

LAB Golf Directed Force 2.1 putter, 32 inches, 70 degree lie angle

Right Handed. 

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8 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Driving Iron - UiHi

18* -  KBS Tour 90 Regular 

18* -  KBS Tour V Stiff 

18* -  KBS Tour V-Stiff

Is that supposed to be V stiff & V X stiff?

Cool opportunity, this will be a fun one to watch!

Right Handed

Driver (9°): :cobra-small: Speedzone (HZRDUS Smoke Green 70g X-Stiff shaft)

2 Hybrid (18°): :tour-edge: Exotics EXS Pro (Evenflow Black 6.5) (2020 MGS Official Review here)

3/Driving Iron (18°): :Hogan: UiHi Iron (KBS Tour V 110g shaft)

Irons (4-PW)  post-76102-0-38507100-1525284411_thumb.jpg TS-1's (KBS $-Taper 120g Stiff shafts)

Wedges (50°, 54° & 58°) post-76102-0-38507100-1525284411_thumb.jpg TSW Forged (Dynamic Gold S300)

Putter: :EVNROLL: ER2B (2019 MGS Official Review here)

Ball: :Snell: MTB-Black OR MAXFLI Tour OR TP5X

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24 minutes ago, ncwoz said:

Is that supposed to be V stiff & V X stiff?

Cool opportunity, this will be a fun one to watch!

Waiting for clarification from Hogan on that.  But im pretty sure it will be XS 

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:titelist-small: TSi2 Kuro Kage 50g R Flex

:titelist-small: TSi2 16.5 FW with GD AD IZ 6 Shaft

:ping-small:  G410 FW 7 Alta CB R flex 

:ping-small: G410 Hybrid 26 degree Alta CB R Flex

:titelist-small: T100S/T200 Combo 5-7 T100S 8-P T200 TT Black Oynx R Flex

:titelist-small: SM7 54.08 F 58.12 K 

:ping-small: Heppler Tomcast 

:titelist-small: ProV1X Play number 12



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Always interesting...(ipad died and apparently posted this prematurely)  to see what results come from long game tests.  Good luck righties and enjoy!

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2020 MGS Hard Rock Challenge


SkyCaddie SX400
OGIO Silencer:  Followed by Arccos
:ping-small: G410+, Tensei Orange
:callaway-small:  Mavrik 3w, Evenflow Riptide
:nike-small: Covert 2.0 3H, Kuro Kage Black
Wilson D7 Irons 4-GW,  Dynamic Gold AMT
:ping-small: Glide  52, 56 ES
:titelist-small: -ProV1x (left dash)

Romans 10:9

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The wife hijacked my user id to apply for this test.  She currently uses a hybrid and would like to get a club with more distance at the top end of her bag.

Shelly/Elkton, MD


1st Choice - GS53 Fairway 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Regular 

2nd Choice - GS53 Fairway 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Stiff

12 Hdcp

Currently plays a hybrid and is looking for more distance


Modern Bag:  Ping G410+ 9*, Accra TourZ X265 M5;  Snake Eyes 18* & 23* Hybrids; Golfsmith Tour Cavity Forged 3i;  Mizuno JPX 900 Forged 5 - PW, PX LZ 6.0;  Cleveland Tour Action 49*, 53*, 57*; PX LZ 6.5 ;  Ping Heppler Fetch;  Ball - Snell MTB-X; Bag - Sun Mountain H2NO 

Classic Bag:  Driver - Wilson Staff Persimmon; 3w - Hogan Speed Slot; 5w - Wilson Staff Tour Block; 3 - pw - Staff Dynapower; sw - Ram Tom Watson;  putter - bullseye standard or flange.

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Alex. Lakewood, Ohio

Right Handed

Clubs to Test: Primary, 18* UiHi (Stiff), / Secondary, 18* VKTR+ (Stiff)


19* Rocketballz Stiff Hybrid. (Irons go up to 3-iron)

Driver: Taylormade Rocketballz 9* Stock. 3-Wood: Callaway Epic Sub-Zero, 15*. Hybrid: Taylormade RBZ 19*. Irons: Taylormade rac LT 3-PW. Wedges: Vokey F-Grind 52*, 58*. Putter: Rife 2-Bar Blade Putter.  Pro V1 (x) (x Left Dash)

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Richie Boca Raton FL

right handed

1st: 18* -  KBS Tour V Stiff 

2nd: 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff 

hdcp: 18

i’ve always played hybrids over long irons. Interested to see if a long iron is better suited for me. Currently hitting Ping G425 19 and 22 deg hybrids with Mitsubishi C6 stiff shafts.

Bag: Sun Mountain 4.5 14 way

Driver: Ping G400 Max 10.5 deg (set to 9.9 deg/"little minus") Oban Devotion 6 Stiff 65g Grip GP MCC Plus4 Midsize

3W: Ping G410 14.5 deg Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange Stiff 70g Grip GP MCC Plus4 Midsize

Hybrids: 19 deg and 22 deg Ping G410 hybrid Mitsubishi C6 Black Stiff 80g Grip GP MCC Plus4 Midsize

Irons: 5-PW Irons PXG 0211 KBS C Taper Tour 120 Stiff -0.50" Grip GP MCC Plus4 Midsize

Wedges: 50, 54 and 58 deg Callaway MD5 JAWS 10 deg bounce S Grind Grip GP MCC  Plus4 Midsize

Putter:  PXG Gen2 Spitfire Armlock 37.5" SuperStroke Flatso 3.0 17"

Game Ball: Bridgestone Tour B X

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Jeff.  Nichols Ny


3 wood, extra stiff

I have the fort worth irons and have been dying to upgrade my 3 wood.

Driver- PXG 0811x 9*

3 wood- Callaway X2hot 15*

Hybrid- Ben Hogan UiHi 18*

Irons- Ben Hogan Ft Worth White 4-PW

Wedge- Ben Hogan Equalizer 52*

Wedge - Callaway Mack Daddy PM grind 58*

Putter- Odyssey White Hot

Ball- Taylormade TP5 pix


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Clayton Jarvis - Madison, MS


1st: hybrid stiff

2nd: iron KBS Tour V stiff (same as I play in my irons) 

GHIN: 9.7

The longest iron I currently play is a 5 iron. I have a TS3 3 wood that I love and a M4 3 hybrid that I am wanting to replace. 

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Jack, Charlotte NC

right handed

1st choice: 14* 3 wood tensei blue 70g x-stiff

2nd choice:UiHi kbs tour v stiff

hdcp: 0.0

i play long irons 

Driver- Taylormade sim hzrdus 6.5 70g Smoke green

5 wood- taylormade v steel steel shaft

3 iron- titleist u500 hzrdus smoke 6.0 90g

irons 5-pw- pxg 0311 t dynamic gold s100 110g

wedges 52,56,60,- vokey sm8 raw s100 dynamic gold

putter- tp ardamore 

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Ross / Grand Rapids MI

Right Handed

18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff 

Backup 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Stiff 

10 Handicap 

Currently play Wilson blackjack 4 & 5 hybrids

-its a joke-

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Cleveland, OH

Right Handed

First Choice: 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Stiff 

Second Choice: 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff 

Handicap: 14

Currently Play a 3 and 4 Hybrid and a 4 wood but looking at moving to a 3 wood for some more distance

Thanks for the opportunity!

Edited by tweirich

:titelist-small: Titleist 917 D w/ Diamana Blue S 

:nike-small: VR 4-Wood w/ Diamana Red

:nike-small: Vapor 3-4 Hybrid w/ Stock Diamana Stiff

:mizuno-small: JPX 850 Forged w/ KBS C-Taper Lite 110 S

 :cleveland-small: RTX 50° w/ S400

:nike-small:  VR Forged 54°, 58° w/ S400

:scotty-small: Studio Select 1.5 w/ Super Stroke Slim 3.0

:bridgestone-small: BXS

:Clicgear: Rovic RV1C

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First Name/City State: Jeff/Hickory, NC

Confirm you are RH: I am RH

Club You would like to test including flex-also list a back up choice: 

First Choice:  Driving Iron 18* -  KBS Tour V Stiff

Second Choice: 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Stiff

Handicap: 1.4

Do you currently play a Long Iron or Hybrid: Yes. I alternate a 2 iron and a Titleist 19* hybrid in my bag based on the course. 

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John -Baton Rouge, LA

Right Handed

18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff primary choice

3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Stiff backup choice

16.9 handicap

Currently play Wilson utility irons 

Edited by jobu6398
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