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Do you shorten your grip to control distance

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Hi guys, I have suggested this to several times and were surprised that the responses were that they had never tried it. I was taught to shorten my grip as a means of closing the gap between clubs. For example with my normal grip I hit a 7 iron 155M (170yds) however by moving my hands down the grip I can vary the length by up to 8m (8.8yds) It means that I can still have a full swing, just takes a bit of getting used to holding the thinner grip.
Once you get used to it it can make a huge difference particularly with shorter clubs.
Is this something you do. 
Yes I can shorten grip positions on club for my shot needed. When I learned golf decades ago this was routinely taught as there were not clubs exactly 3 or 4 degrees, etc gapped in a set of irons/wedges. For example I think of what was called half shots. Not everyone can grip normal length iron and swing "slower" to adjust for in between distances. But someone could "choke" down an inch or two and make more comfortable swing. That was taught to me.

Of course one may need to alter ball positions in stance as lie angle changes, close/open club face. Caveat the golfers with great hand action/club face control do not necessarily have alter their stance, etc as much while shortening their grips. That is my experience/observations.

Today there are so many "fill in the gap" options like gap wedges, lob wedges, etc. I am from era when those were not readily available/common and you had to learn to manufacture a particular shot so to speak (ie I only had 48 deg pw / 55 deg sw).

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I usually just shorten my swing to hit it shorter, usually the only time I will grip down is when the ball is above my feet.

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Great to hear everyone's thoughts. When I got my new clubs the Callaway Pro asked if I did this and when I said yes he suggested a slightly larger grip. They are mid size but have 2 layers of tape underneath.  They feel great with my normal grip but have found they feel still feel good with a shortened grip.

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