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Refinishing old set of irons (side project)

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I have an old set of Hogan Apex Plus irons that I want to refinish in a black oxide finish. This is just a fun side project that I have always wanted to try. I know they have a chrome finish on them now and that will need to be stripped. I also assume there is nickel plating under the chrome and that will need to be stripped as well. I have read that Muriatic acid will stop the chrome and B-9 will take care of the nickel. Is that true? Any tips or tricks would be more than welcome. Also I do not want to pay anyone to do it, takes the gun out of learning something new. Thanks ahead of time for any input. 


Michael Callaway

D - TM M5

3W - TM M1

5W - TM M3

4i - Mizuno MP18 FliHi

5-7 Mizuno MP15

8-P Mizuno MP5

50/54/60 Cleveland Wedges

Scotty Newport Select 2.5

TM TP-5 Pix Ball

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