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WITB - Looking to Upgrade/Improve


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Cleveland HiBore XL Tour 10.5, Tommy Armour 3W just broke on me, Tommy Armour 5W, Taylormade RSi 1 4-P & SW, Ping Anser putter.

I had the same set of clubs for the past 10-15 years.  I don't get out very often due to family, work and budget so typically don't fret too much about the inconsistency of my play.  I'm typically in the 90 to mid-90 range.  The set did just fine for that.  However, I have to decided I'd like to get more serious about my game so have been reading a lot about clubs, technique, etc.  I just recently bought the RSi set used to replace a 2006 model set of Tommy Armour irons 3-P.  I need game improvement irons and found them for a very good deal so snatched them up.  I now need a 3 wood and I'm looking to get a utility iron or a 3-hybrid.  With those in my set I would eliminate the 5 wood as I rarely use it.  I also want to pick up a gap wedge in the 50 to 52 deg. range.  The SW is 55 deg.  I'm not sure I would use a lob wedge much at this stage of my game.

Any suggestions on clubs would be more than welcome.  I'm on a pretty tight budget so mostly scouring the used club sections and I'm really open to any manufacturer.  I hit the HiBore straight but not very long.  Not sure newer technology would necessarily help there so maybe if it ain't broke don't fix it.  3W and hybrid/utility I'd like to get something made within the past 5 years or so.  As for wedges I've been reading a lot about Vokey and Cleveland but as I said am open to mfr.  Should I limit myself to a certain age of club for the wedge?  Any feedback would be great.  Thanks.


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Driver and 3 wood, there are some really good clubs out there that are good value. Taylor Made RBZ for example.

As for 3 woods I had the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 816

Also Cobra Fly Z Drivers and woods and hybribs could be another option.

And lastly I swear by Cleveland wedges but you can pickup Wilson Staff Harmony wedges cheap and I have found them to be good.


Callaway Epic Flash 9 Degree

Callaway Epic Flash 3 wood 15 Degree

Callaway Epic Hybrid 18 Degree

Callaway Steelhead Pro 4-AW Irons

Cleveland 54 Degree Wedge Steel Shaft

Recoil Graphite Shafts in all Callaway Clubs

Callaway Big Bertha Putter - Preferred

Preferred ball - Seed 001

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I think technology would help you.  Probably the best value for good clubs is on Callaway's pre owned website.  People have had extremely good success there.  They have other brands on it too.  Good luck and play well.

:titelist-small:  :vokey-small:  :cameron-small:  :footjoy-small:

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