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I'm the same age that both of my parents were when they died.

It feels as though I've had all of my due at bats and that this is bonus, extra-inning baseball for me.

Too bad I have to be spending it in a   m-f  ing   pandemic.

Anyway, at this point, I don't worry about being dead.

Being dead is a piece of cake...the perfect nap.

The processing of dying, on the other hand, can be nasty and undignified.  The experience is an inconvenience, and I've spent a now long lifetime prioritizing my convenience over not all but certainly most things.  Going out in my sleep after a good meal is a definite go.  Going out on a ventilator in an ER, not so much.

So for the most part, I've been doing the serious isolation thing like either 50.5 or 49.5--we'll very soon see which--of the country has been doing on purely ideological grounds.

And here ends yet another one of my prologues that's longer than the actual text.


While isolating in the comforts of my home, I've been trashing my temporarily successful health diet and watching tons of cable and streaming out of profound boredom.

Going through the dreadful albeit huge volume of available programming, I've recent landed on Korean Rom-Com movies and TV series.  I've always liked foreign films anyway, as long as they're sub-titled and not dubbed, but this is the first time Korea has been a major player.

I may be strictly an observer at my age, but the LPGA never really showed me how many gorgeous Korean young women there are on this planet.  The jocks (jockettes?)  aren't bad, but the young actresses are smoking!

Here are recent discoveries of mine to check out.




Korean actresses.png

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