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How do you respond when not playing well?

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Here’s an interesting topic I’ve given a bit of thought to recently while struggling with my swing. Is it better to forget about it and maybe take some time off or go right back to grinding and practicing to work through whatever issues you’re having? I’ve seen pros on opposite ends of the spectrum. Bryson is known for heading straight to the range post round while Bubba has said if he’s off then why waste time making more bad swings. Obviously this is player specific so I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts.


Personally, when I’m off, I want to go to the range. It really eats at me and all I can think about is going to the range to work things out. I really just need to hit some good shots to get some confidence before I move on. Sometimes I find something and other times I just need to reset and go back to a feel or thought that has worked in the past.


Last week I felt like I had lost my swing, bad enough I was embarrassed at the range. Had a lesson with my coach and felt like what he had me working on was making things worse. Couldn’t help but spend time chipping around in my backyard and was able to kind of reset my swing. Played yesterday with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised to be swinging really well. I feel like I had to reset before trying to move forward with what my coach was having me work on.



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Player dependant seems most likely. I don't think going straight to the range after a round is a good idea, unless you're confident on what you were doing wrong and know you're able to correct it. For me it's either a mental or tempo issue so I like to take a break for a day or two. 

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Interesting subject.   My answer would have been different 10 years ago.   

Personally, I don't do anything to address bad swings and poor performance other than pout.  There is a good reason for this, my body won't let me.

If I go hit a large bucket of balls and it goes badly, I just can't hit anymore balls to fix it, I'm physically kaput.   Can do short game stuff, but no more swinging.  This has actually helped my game overall.

Same if I play on the course, I might be able to go from the course to the range and make a couple of swings but it isn't worth it, the body again, I get stiff and sore.

Have to wait to the next day.  Maybe it is for the best.  My swing is never the same from day to day anyway.   Meanwhile, there are some nice cold long-necks PBRs to drink.

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Great topic, 

Wish I was better on practice after  18 holes.  19th gets in my way.  I have issue with blow up holes and trying not to let one lead to 2-3.   Slowing my walk and getting mind off the problem, helps some.   I have stopped after nine when I got totally frustrated and headed to the range to work on things.  

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