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I decided to spring for two new wedges. I submitted my info to Callaway's online fitting and received recommendations for PM19 wedges in the two lofts I was considering: 54º and 58º Prices were good at CPO, plus I just received a mailing offering of a single use code for an additional 35% off on 1 order. The thing is: Callaway sent me two offers with different codes, they have my full name and my short name in their database. The discount as good before the codes, and even better after so, I went the Full Monty. 

I read MGS review of the wedges, kinda mixed, but generally favorable. Tony's chief criticism was the offset, which wasn't all that harsh; but it's not something that would make a world of difference to me, and could actually help me. 

Now that I've committed to them, I am interested in the opinions and thoughts of people who have actually played them. Tell me what you liked, didn't like, what you experienced; and let me know if you still play them, or had to get them out of your bag. I currently play Harry Taylor 350 wedges in those lofts, and I think they're great. But, it's been 4 years and I like to try different things after that amount of time. 

Share your experiences, please!

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From what I've read from people playing them is that they either love them or hate them.  I'm in the love them camp.  I have played the 54 and 60 for 1.5 years.  They have a high bounce sole, even the 58 and 60 but with the C-grind sole, I have no problem hitting off tight lies with them.  The older PM Grind didn't have the C-Grind sole.  I rarely make a full swing with either club; only 3/4 or less around greens.  I suspect that high bounce has a lot to do with why people don't like them; I can see how people would blade the ball if they tend to hit fat shots.

I special ordered mine with the KBS Tour 90 in regular flex; lighter shaft gives me better feel than stiff or wedge flex.  Make sure your wedges are checked for lie angle; a poor fit on a wedge can have disastrous results.  My feeling is that wedges should be a little flatter than your irons, but that's just me.

One of the easiest clubs to get out of bunkers IMO.  I use to be a very poor bunker player because the course I started on had no bunkers.  My current course has lots of sand, so I got lots of practice!!  I can get out and near the pin most of the time.  I have worn the chrome finish off the sole of my 60 from bunker play.  I prefer the 60 out of the bunker instead of the 54 unless I have a longer shot.  The 54 gets play from the thicker rough and from the fairway when I feel like I'm out of the range of my 60.  Our pro shop had a new 60 on sale so I bought it last week.

I like the grooves all the way across the face.  My course has a lot of grass mounds around the greens, so downhill/sidehill lies are inevitable.  When the ball is below my feet, I tend to hit the ball with the toe of the club.  With the high toe and grooves I still get a good shot.  Not sure why all wedges don't have those grooves.

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We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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Thanks, Kenny. I’ve had high bounce wedges and know how to use the bounce. My current wedges have 10* on the 54 and 11* on the 58. Both have the C grind sole.  I have a 14* Vokey, but it has the F grind sole which I don't like.

I have a  good bunker game right now, but I want more versatility out of green side rough and off tight lies. I’ll use the 54 on full shots about 85 yds and in. But, I rarely take a full swing with my 58. I ordered them with the KBS Hi Rev 2.0 in R flex because I don't like Stiff or  “Wedge Flex” either.

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