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Testers ANNOUNCED! SQAIRZ Golf Shoes

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Tom- Hamden, CT

Shoe Size: 10

Currently wearing Nike Roshe and Adidas Boost 

Currently when buying shoes I look for comfort and style, typically leaning towards Nike or Adidas. 

Tom C

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Hi this is Chet from Ohio

Man, I would love to test these for you.

My Shoe Size is 11.

Currently I wear True Linkswear nearly every time I play. If its really sloppy out and I feel I need to go with a spiked shoe then I go with my Ecco Cage Spiked shoe. 

I always feel the most important thing when trying out golf shoes is comfort. After all, who wants to play 36 when your feet are hurting after the first nine? The second most important thing would be grip. 

I've actually done a shoe test in the past just for myself. I was curious how my shoes might affect my performance. So, I went to the range with my launch monitor and 3 pairs of shoes. 


Here's my test. 

1 - First I thoroughly warmed up. Stretched out, hit a bunch of balls. Prepped as if I was going to play an actual round of golf. I used my driver which I have been fit for. 

2 - Next, I hit 5 balls with the driver wearing each of 4 different footwear options. Barefooted (yeah, it was like 45 degrees out), In my Ecco Cage Golf Shoes with Soft Spikes, In a pair of Puma Cross trainers. (Regular athletic shoes, but with a pretty aggressive tread pattern), then the last 5 balls I hit wearing my True LinksWear Night Camo Originals. 

3 - After those 20 balls, I went into the clubhouse and chit-chatted for 5-10 minutes. Sort of clear my pallet. 

4 - Went back outside and hit 20 more balls. I hit 5 with each pair of footwear, but this time in the opposite order. First the True Linkswear, then the Cross trainers, then the Soft Spikes and the last 5 I hit barefooted again. 

Swing # Carry (yrds)  Swing Speed (mph) Ball Speed (mph)  Smash Factor   Swing # Carry (yrds)  Swing Speed (mph) Ball Speed (mph)  Smash Factor
    Barefoot           Puma Cross Trainers    
1 230.4 100.9 138.4 1.37   11 259 105.3 150.5 1.43
2 221.1 93.7 134.5 1.43   12 247.4 104.5 146.2 1.4
3 231.4 99.8 138.6 1.39   13 240.2 103.1 141.4 1.37
4 208.4 97.6 126.6 1.3   14 233.3 102.5 143.8 1.4
5 220.8 102.9 132.1 1.28   15 246.3 103.5 144.1 1.39
36 254 104.5 148.7 1.42   26 255.4 104.5 147.9 1.42
37 233.3 104.7 138.3 1.32   27 249.7 102.9 144.6 1.41
38 227.8 105.1 136.4 1.3   28 240.6 103.9 146.2 1.41
39 239.7 104.7 141.2 1.35   29 259.2 103.3 142.4 1.38
40 238.1 105.9 140.9 1.33   30 259.6 103.7 149.7 1.44
AV 230.5 102.0 137.6 1.35   AV 249.1 103.7 145.7 1.41
    Ecco Cage with Soft Spikes           True LinksWear Original Midnight Camo    
6 234.9 101.7 139.4 1.37   16 260 104.3 150.1 1.44
7 259.5 104.1 150.1 1.44   17 265.2 107.3 156.5 1.46
8 256.8 104.3 148.9 1.43   18 249.8 104.6 152.5 1.46
9 254.5 106.6 150.4 1.41   19 243.6 104.5 146.6 1.4
10 236.6 105.3 141.1 1.34   20 259.9 105.9 145.7 1.38
31 245 104.1 144.2 1.39   21 261.3 104.5 150.6 1.44
32 260.5 104.1 150.4 1.44   22 262.5 107 155.3 1.45
33 258.6 104.3 149.5 1.43   23 248.9 104.5 152.3 1.46
34 255.4 106.6 151.5 1.42   24 243.8 104.7 146.8 1.4
35 237.9 105.3 142 1.35   25 259 105.3 143.7 1.37
AV 250.0 104.6 146.8 1.40   AV 255.4 105.3 150.0 1.43

So, what do my results show? I got the worst carry distance, swing speed, and smash factor without any shoes. Everything else was pretty close. You could say that the True Linkswear won out. Those are the shoes I normally wear for playing or practicing, so they may have had a familiarity advantage. Also, the ground was moist and cold, but I wouldn't have called it slippery. So, in poorer conditions it may swing a different direction. I will also say that I think I can do a little better barefooted if I practiced that way a bit. It felt weird and I was pretty self conscious while I was doing it. Although, I think most people who saw me assumed it was some kind of training I was working on. 

This was a fun experiment and I love it if more people would try it and see what they get. After doing it, I'm going to guess that if I did it on a different day I may get different results. If I tallied all the golf shots I hit from now until the rest of my life. I'd be surprised if soft spikes out perform the True Linkswear shoes in any situation other than the most extreme cases of slippery conditions. 

What do you all think? 

Chet in Ohio

I got a bag full of Cobras.... Well, not the putter... yet.

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Wildomar California 

Mens size 10

Skechers Go Golf,Jordan ADJ,Under-Armour Spieth 1 


Cobra speedzone woods and driver,Ping G410 irons & wedges,Ping Sigma 2 Stealth Arna putter and Titleist AVX ball.

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First Name/City State: David Le, Houston, TX

Shoe Size: 10

Current Shoe Worn: Under Armor and Adidas

What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection: Comfort and doesn’t rub against back my foot/heel. Light weight shoes also.

Driver: TM anything lol

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Terry / Littleton, CO


A pair of Adidas and a pair of Under Armour (I trade off because of the reason listed below.)

I have multiple neuropathies (damaged nerves) in my feet so I am hoping that the square toe will provide more room and therefore be more comfortable for walking 18 holes than the myriad of shoes that I have tried.

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On 11/5/2020 at 1:32 PM, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Testers Wanted (4)

Everyone wants more distance right! 

Distance is created by you and the use of the ground; it’s not the club.  Consider for a moment, the club is merely an implement or conduit to facilitate energy transfer from the ground into the ball.  You, the golfer create a vertical force initiated by a weight shift followed by the downswing which sends energy into the ground (action); the ground acts like a trampoline (reaction) and sends that energy back up through your feet into your body and into the club head.  This process is called Ground Force Reaction.  SQAIRZ golf shoes with its unique square toe design, is the first golf shoe designed to more effectively and scientifically effectuate energy transfer providing more consistent ball striking and increased distance.


Independent testing by Golf Laboratories, Inc. showed an average increase of 2.2 MPH and 8.8 yards increase while wearing SQAIRZ versus the leading brands.  For those of you who find this hard to believe, it’s based on proof not promise supported by science and independent testing.  Newton’s Third law states “If an object A (you, the golfer) exerts a force on object B (the ground), then object B must exert a force of equal magnitude and opposite direction back on object A.  


Ever wonder why tour player and long ball hitters like Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas are up on their toes while making contact with the ball?  It’s because they are throwing so much energy into the ground that the return energy is literally lifting them up as that energy moves throughout their body and into the club head.  It is this Ground Force Reaction and your connection to the ground that produces distance.  SQAIRZ with its patented square toe design and wider base under the forefoot allows you to create more efficient energy transfer and increase your distance.  

How To Apply

This testing is open to al US Residents--whose shoe size is from 7 to 13 

Both Right and Left foot available 😉

Please Provide the following information

First Name/City State

Shoe Size

Current Shoe Worn

What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection



Nathan Royse Cincinnati, Ohio 


Adidas Boost

Comfort, and traction

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Brian Saugus, CA


Skechers Go Golf Elite 3

comfort! I like to walk when I play. These Skechers are like walking on a cloud. Durability, because i like to walk they have to last I’m a bigger guy so I am tough on my golf shoes. Been using spike less shoes for the last few seasons. Been contemplating getting spiked shoes. Would love to try these 

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On 11/5/2020 at 10:32 AM, Golfspy_CG2 said:

First Name/City State: Robert/Portland Oregon

Shoe Size: 10.5

Current Shoe Worn: Sketchers Go Golf Pro

What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection: Fit. I have a high volume foot. Not many makes fit my feet well.


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First Name/City State - Brian/Dallas, TX

Shoe Size - 11

Current Shoe Worn - Depends, I have almost 60 pair!  Mostly Adidas & Puma.

What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection - Since I walk most of the time comfort is crucial BUT I do tend to coordinate with my outfit as well.  I may not be the best golfer playing that day (GHIN is currently 5.6) but I will be one of the best dressed!


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