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Testers ANNOUNCED! SQAIRZ Golf Shoes

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14 minutes ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Did you hear him on the current NPG Podcast, he worked it nicely into about the first :30 seconds of the episode...ha


No, I haven't gotten to that podcast yet.  I was curious about Nick's role with these and found this link.  The fact that he's putting up his own coin for bringing the product to market suggests it's not just a media over substance effort.  

SQAIRZ Announces Partnership with Iconic Golfer Sir Nick Faldo - SQAIRZ

I have no doubt that a quality pair of golf shoes help with support, balance, and swing weight transfer.  What I'd like to see is how these are different and better than comparable FJ's, Ecco's, etc., who don't have the square toe, but make similar game enhancing claims. It wasn't too long ago Padrig was endorsing FJ's XPS-1 shoe... another of the "game improvement shoes" proclaiming better distance and tighter dispersion.

For me, comfort and good arch support is tantamount.  Having experience a case of plantar fasciitis about 8 years ago and working through that taught me the importance of quality shoes.  The Podiatrist took my then sport sneaker, folded it in half, and said "these are total crap" and 99% of your problem.  He then showed me several examples of similar shoes that were difficult to bend in half or twist and instructed me to buy them.  Now when I go to look for shoes of any type, they go through the bend and twist test.  I've not looked at the SQAIRZ firsthand but in looking at their literature suspect they meet those attributes. 

This review will be especially fun to follow.

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