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Bridgestone Tour B RXS Quality Control Issues

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Hey All,

Not sure if any one has had any issues with the cover of the Bridgestone Tour B RXS. They retail for $59.99 CAD which is about $45 USD so you don’t expect these issues with premium golf balls. 

I’ve bought three dozen at various times and golf retailers and found serious imperfections with the cover including cover paint consistency, blemishes and major cracks in the ball without any play. 

Bridgestone makes quality golf balls but this has really put me off their products. I have bought quite a few boxes of the B RX model as well and had no issues. 

Initially I was going to send them to Bridgestone but because I am in Canada they wouldn’t accept them.

Only positive is that I took them back to the retailers and received a full refund.

I must say Bridgestone has lost me as a customer. 


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