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Testers ANNOUNCED Spornia SPG-7 Hitting Net


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Washington Crossing, PA

I have not used a hitting net before, but was considering getting one to use in the backyard on nice days and garage in the cold. 

I have used a LM when testing clubs and on the range but I do not own one. 

When I’m not golfing I’m an accountant and would love the opportunity to record detailed test results and share them if selected. Handicap ~7 if that matters. 

Thanks for the consideration. 

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I used one years ago. It was bulky and large. I’d like to try a smaller one that’s more portable. I also used a large mat. It would be interesting to try this in the garage this winter in Wisconsin.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin 


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First Name/City State - Erik Weymouth, MA

Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net - Yes

Do you use any sort of LM with one - No

Erik Nemes

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Paul/Sacramento, CA

Never used a hitting net before.

Don't have a launch monitor.

I am a high-handicapper (super happy when I break 100), and I find that my game improves the more I play, but I can't get to the range or course as often as I'd like. I've recently been looking at hitting nets to get in extra practice swings in the backyard or the park across the street from my house. I read the MyGolfSpy buyer's guide review of the Spornia net and was instantly attracted to its features,  especially its portability. The recent follow up article on the company and Casey Cho's business philosophy sealed the deal for me. I would love the opportunity to become a tester.

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On 11/12/2020 at 7:59 AM, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Testers Wanted (4)

During these days that COVID-19 has restricted many things, one area that has thrived admist the shutdown and restricted activities this spring, were golf practice items. Yes, we're talking about practice, and so is Spornia. It's SPG-7 net has been in high demand since the spring. Oh and did we mention it finished 2nd earlier this year in the MGS Best Golf Practice Net's Buyer's Guide?

So pandemic aside, heading into winter where one of these would set up nicely and very quickly in a garage or backyard is the perfect time.  Spornia is going to let four of our readers test, review and keep a SPG-7 and report back to the community your thoughts



How to Apply

US Residents Only

In a post below please provide the following information:

First Name/City State

Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net

Do you use any sort of LM with one

We'll be choosing the testers late next week, so check back to see if you have been selected.   Please do not quote this post in your reply.


Wally, Washington state 

Yes, I was given a jinky one for a birthday present 12 years ago. It’s like a half circle and uses one tent pole to set up the arch, then another pole to keep it up...the problem is I have high ball speed so when the ball hits it almost trampolines back to me and the net gets messed up...I’ve probably used it 10-15 times total because of how frustrating it is...I have now let my 3 and 6 year old have it.

I just bought the Rapsodo mobile launch monitor to use at my clubs driving range because I can’t use my net due to how lame it is. I’m probably going to buy a new net to use with my rapsodo anyways so I’d be a perfect tester but still possibly going to buy the net if the reviews are good.



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Ryan / Hopkins MN

Yes, I currently use a JEF World of Golf all play golf net. ( Use it in my one stall garage and yes it is cold )

I use an app on my phone called Shot Vision with a small tripod, it works of gives distance and ball speed. 

For what it is worth follow for years, mainly thru emails. Enjoy your the work you do. Product testing is why I started to follow. Cheers


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Jason/ Culpeper, VA

I have never used a hitting net. 

No have not used LM

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Kansas City, MO

I have a hitting net in my garage that is a permanent set up. Would like to have a net that I could move around the backyard instead of hitting inside when the weather is nice. I have a SkyTrak with TGC2019.

I also teach yoga for golfers. Most of them want to swing their clubs after a session and this would be perfect for when we practice outside. These are students who also take golf instruction in addition to private yoga so they are obviously committed to improving their game. I  imagine that they would be interested in buying their own net if they like the one that I am using.

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Alex, Dublin, CA

I've never had my own hitting mat, but have been doing extensive research and I'm ready to get one (late birthday present that my wife still owes me).

I've never used an LM at home with a hitting mat, but have some experience with them in the past. Would be interested in having one as a part of a home set up. 


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Nathan, Monterey CA

Used a net for back yard practice when I had limited time after work so I could consistently get swings in.

Never used with a launch monitor with exception of in-store, but absolutely would take the opportunity to get a LM to use with it to get better value out of practice.

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