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Testers ANNOUNCED Spornia SPG-7 Hitting Net

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Gary - Seattle, Wa

I have used a net before, it wasn't well built and didn't last too long.   

If Santa is good to me, I'll have a Rapsodo to assist me while hitting into a net or on the range in the future.  If I am chosen, I would probably assist Santa to lighten his Christmas load to get my present early.

Will work for golf balls.  

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Would definitely love the opportunity to test this net! I have actually been researching nets for purchase, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on one yet. I just moved our family into a new home and the backyard is perfect for a mat and net to be set up. I also have an open wall in our “pool room” for one (we don’t have a pool yet). 

I have used I hitting net before. Current day, I go to my friend’s house on occasion and use his net and SkyTrak. However, our recent move has placed me about an hour away from him. Therefore, I now intend to get my own net and launch monitor setup. Fingers crossed! And thank you for the opportunity. 


Joe / Lafayette, LA 

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Wow, late to the party here.

I have a backyard that would work well with this.  I have a big huge net, but would like a smaller one to test wtih.
I have a launch monitor and ability to record the swing as well.

In Boca Raton, FL

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Mililani, Hawaii

Currently have a net hanging from patio awning. Roof is to low so can only hit up to a 4 iron. Would love a free standing one in yard to practice hitting woods and drivers!

I use a Swing Caddie SC200

Mahalo and Have a great weekend!!!


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Zach - Augusta, GA 

Yes, I have used a net before, just purchased one off amazon, got a cheap one, but it worked while I was stuck at home with COVID.

No, I do not have a LM, that is on my wish list (happy to test one of those out too if you're looking!!).

I don't play enough to justify spending money on the clubs I want. I plan on changing that, hopefully the first part, followed by the second and not the other way around.

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Ed from O'Fallon Illinois

I do have one but I'm disappointed with the backdrop.  It keeps wearing out due to ball strikes

I have a Garmin G80 GPS/Launch monitor.  It doesn't provide all the features I'd like but a good compromise of GPS and launch monitor features

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First Name/City State                                 Mike/Manasquan, NJ

Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net             Used a bedsheet in my garage

Do you use any sort of LM with one.         Voice Caddie SC100

Thanks for the opportunity...

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Chris, Eden Prairie, MN 

Yes, I have used several nets over the years: 2 callaway (outdoor/indoor), 1 no name brand (outdoor), and I built one out of pvc pipe. 

I currently use a 7x7 Callaway indoor/outdoor net with the Optishot 2 in my garage with the video casted wirelessly to a 55" 4k. 

SPG-7 - Like the ball return aspect and netting catch above normal space of net... Definitely some nice upgrade traits...would love to review. 


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John / Green Bay, WI

I've previously hit balls off a mat into a permanently fixed net (at a local fitness center), but I've never hit into a portable net before.  My garage would definitely accommodate this type of net, however.

I do not own a launch monitor, so I would just use the net itself for hitting balls throughout the off-season, and I would also use it during the regular season rather than drive to the nearest range, which would be awesome.

Driver: Callaway Epic

3 wood: Taylormade M2 HL

5 wood:  Taylormade M2

Hybrid:  M4  22 degree

Irons: Sub 70 699  5 through AW

Wedges:  Taylormade  Milled Grind 54 & 58 degree

Putter:  Odyssey Stroke Lab #7

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