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Testers ANNOUNCED Spornia SPG-7 Hitting Net


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I lived on a golf course for several years. During the off-season we instructed a net indoors and outdoors. Never set up with launch monitor then. Now I live several miles from the course, I would use to practice and warm up everyday.


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First Name/City State -  Jon, Boulder CO  

Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net - Yes have one that is repurposed from soccer  

Do you use any sort of LM with one - Blast golf that in my version just accurately measures club speed,  in COVID this Spring hit a lot of balls into net and built sand trap in yard.  This net would be great for moving more easily to work on both hitting into net and from sand into net.   I regularly hit into net and have set up two i-phones to capture video. Has done wonders for my game in terms of distance and accuracy as now single digit handicap and can play form tips at 59 years old.   Get kudo's from other on course for driving length and ion play.   Need to continue hitting through the winter to improve further.          

All Fitted-- Driver - 2017 Callaway Epic Subzero 10.5d (same as Kevin Na), 3 Wood -2017 Epic Subzero 15d, 3 Hybrid Mavrik, X-forged 4-PW, Wedges Callaway 4 52-56-60, Odyssey Toulon Chicago     


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Greg, Denver,Colorado

Have not used a net.

I would use a LM with it.

Taylormade M6 D-Type 10.5*/Adila Tour Green 75 Stiff Driver

Taylormade M6 15° 3-Wood

Taylormade M6 22° 4-Wood

Srixon Z585/Z785  4-PW Irons

Cleveland RTX 3 50°, 54° & 58°

Cleveland TFI 2135 RHO Putter.

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Joe/Tewksbury, MA

I have a mevo flight scope and an old Callaway pop up net that’s held together with some zip ties. Use it regularly to attempt to dial in my numbers. Could definitely use an upgrade on the net. 
If I don’t win, good luck to whoever does. The net looks sweet!

Joe Romano

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Bradley Messick / Statesville, NC

Have never owned one but used one at a friends house some.  

I do not own one but have used a friends - wish I had one!

Current WITB:

All Titleist Standard L/L/L

913D2 - 9.5, D1 setting- Aldila RIP 60s

913F - 13.5, A1 setting- Aldila RIP 80s

505H - 17 - Aldila NV 85s green

704CB 3-P - S300

Vokey - 52.08, SM7 60.12D

Newport 2 Special Select (30g weights)

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On 11/12/2020 at 9:59 AM, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Testers Wanted (4)

During these days that COVID-19 has restricted many things, one area that has thrived admist the shutdown and restricted activities this spring, were golf practice items. Yes, we're talking about practice, and so is Spornia. It's SPG-7 net has been in high demand since the spring. Oh and did we mention it finished 2nd earlier this year in the MGS Best Golf Practice Net's Buyer's Guide?

So pandemic aside, heading into winter where one of these would set up nicely and very quickly in a garage or backyard is the perfect time.  Spornia is going to let four of our readers test, review and keep a SPG-7 and report back to the community your thoughts



How to Apply

US Residents Only

In a post below please provide the following information:

First Name/City State

Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net

Do you use any sort of LM with one

We'll be choosing the testers late next week, so check back to see if you have been selected.   Please do not quote this post in your reply.


Brian/Valparaiso Indiana

I have been using hitting nets for over 30 years. I had an Austad net in the 1980's and 1990's and pretty much wore it out from use in my garage. It utilized "segmented poles" similar to the Spornia. I have a 10x10 cage in my backyard which I have used for the last decade and have hit thousands of balls from spring to fall. Currently I have an Izzo Tru Vu net to hit balls in my garage over the winter. I have an old Mitsubishi Electronic Golf Trainer which works amazingly well and provides clubhead speed, degree of open/closed clubface, location of impact on face and distance. I also have a Speedswing Radar. I believe I know what qualifies as an easy to use, high quality net and would be glad to act as a 13 hcp tester. 

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Dave / Keswick, VA

I have used two different hitting nets:

     1) Callaway Giant net in a fixed outdoor position

     2) I currently own a Ruckett SPDR net which is much easier to put up/take down and use anywhere

I have not used a launch monitor with either net,  only because I don't own one

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I recently bought a Rapsodo MLM and now it has net mode and so this would be an awesome compliment.

Mizuno ST190 Driver

Mizuno ST190 3 Wood

Nike 4 Hybrid

TaylorMade P790 4-PW

Ben Hogan 50*, 54*, 60* 

TaylorMade Soto Blade putter

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Kevin in Quakertown, PA

I have never used a hitting net. I practice at home with full and partial swings indoors without a ball or net.

I do not have a launch monitor. The only ones I’ve ever used are during club fittings (Trackman, Flightscope). 

Callaway Driver, Titleist everything else

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Bob Denver, CO

I have used a net in the past but when mine wore out and weathered in the yard I got rid of it in a move. 

I have a buddy that works at a golf shop and I’ve also hit in the net there but have not used a launch monitor to date but I’m ready to get my Bryson on soon! Haha. I think that another friend may get one from Santa this year.

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Scott Baltimore, Maryland

I haven’t but I’ve been in the market for one that is portable  I have space behind my house but it’s not a lot so being able to set it up and break it down easily would be great  

I use. LM app on my iPhone but it’s nothing like a GC Quad. I’ve been considering buying a less expensive one but it’s not in the cards currently. The app is ok but it need to be set up very precisely. 

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Tim from Helendale, CA

I have used Callaway's 8 foot hitting net until the flex rods/spine bungee broke.

I have also used Ernest Sports ES14 Pro Golf Launch Monitor with my net.

T. Michael


"Two things you can give away and still keep,... Love and Knowledge."


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Tom, Pittsburgh, PA

I have used hitting nets year round for 30 years, both the pop-up style and ones with pole supports.  I have an area set up with a full size driving range style mat and use video to analyze my swing.  For the past year I have used a Garmin G80 to get stats and simulate playing courses, but I still miss out on the left/right dispersion.


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