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iSwingApp – Hits #1 Spot for ALL Sports iPhone Apps!

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iSwing App – Hits #1 Sports App in US


There almost isn't a single day that I come to work not to find an email in my inbox from a new iPhone app developer trying to promote their product to the MyGolfSpy readers.  I actually investigate every single one of them just in case I come across a hidden gem.   And that is exactly what we came across the other day.  And after doing some research about this particular one…I  found out this thing is becoming huge already in the Asian market. The iSwing has actually already broken into the top 5 most downloaded apps in Japan and stands currently at #1 in Korea.


“The success we've seen in Asia is translating well to the US where golf can be an expensive pastime. Professional swing analysis can cost an average of $60 per visit. And for the price of a bucket of range balls, one can analyze their swing on a device they already carry in their pocket…”, says Charlie Keum, CEO and Founder of iSwing.


The iSwing also recently just hit the #1 spot in the US…not only as a golf app but for all the sports apps in the entire iPhone App Store!  This thing is being downloaded over a thousand times every single week.


So what is this thing all about?  And why is it so popular?


Well the reason this app seems to have caught so much attention and become so popular is pretty simple.  They took a technology that already existed in the golf world and made it cheaper, easier to use and more convenient for the golfer to download.  So kind of a no-brainer why so many people are downloading this one.


• More Affordable – Currently professional golf swing analysis software would cost you anywhere between $60-$100.  Their version…the iSwing only costs $5.99.  Much more affordable.

• More Convenient – It is more convenient…because it is easier to download and you can take it with you anywhere you go.  It makes it much more appealing to golfer. And  no more having to lug around a video camera to the course and figure out a way how to record your swing.

• Easier To Use – it has the same functionality as a computer based model (video, frame-by-frame images- slow-motion playback, touch screen line drawing, etc) although it almost does all the work for you.  And it also syncs up with your Facebook account (w/Facebook Connect) allowing you to publish your swing online with high-res photos.



How It Works


Wanna see if you have a flaw in your swing? The iSwing will do just that…and for only $5 bucks.


* The iSwing iPhone application allows you to record your golf swing on video and replay it frame-by-frame in slow motion and analyze your flaws by drawing lines on the screen to make sure your “on-plane” throughout your swing.

* It creates a frame-by-frame sequence of photos like the Golf Digest centerfolds you see that can be used as a virtual reference, or that you can share with your friends viaFacebook Connect.

* The app then assesses the sequence according to this lines and indicates areas of weakness or problems with your swing.

* It also provides a built-in diary so you can save each and every swing recording.

* Then the twenty-frame sequences created from the video clips can also be shared via the built-in email function or through a one-touch link up with Facebook too.


And what is even cooler about iSwing is that it records video even with models that don't have video functionality. So if you are looking for a swing analysis software…it makes it hard to argue with the $5 price tag. The simplicity of this app is great. And it will also be coming out for the Android soon as well.


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Especially once they switch to Verizon. All my friends that have iPhones have another phone just to make calls because the AT&T service is so bad.


Ok, now I'm going to have to seriously re-think my anti-Apple stance :blink:


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I can't wait for the snow to melt to try this out... I've been telling my wife she needs to come and ride on the cart with me for a round and videotape me so I can see what I'm doing wrong... this should help with that...

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I bought this app. I think it works really well. It does not replace actual video and computer because of the framerate is only like 15fps. But it works for getting a general idea of what you may be doing. I can't wait to see if they update this for the new iphone 4 since that has 720p HD recording now. Then I think we have a must buy.

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